How to promote on soundcloud

Here's literally everything you need to make a killing on soundcloud, the daddy of social streaming. The audience reacts to your track with likes, comments, follows and reposts. See real results for free by trading reposts with likeminded creators. All members of repostexchange are real and we use sophisticated algorithms to identify fake accounts and fake followers. Soundcloud plays and followers make new listeners more likely to listen to your track.

The concept of buying soundcloud plays, likes and comments may be something you're considering, but it raises more questions than answers. If you write your story on your soundcloud page, it can help people going through your bio to understand what your music is organic soundcloud promotion ; thus helping to foster a deeper connection with those who listen to your track on soundcloud.

This premium soundcloud exposure package is designed for artists and musicians looking for something more than just some random plays, likes and comments from god knows where. Don't expect to get paid gigs until you have established yourself as good dj. Offer your tracks to these djs for remix both in real time and online.

Also please note, fake followers are not true listeners, they will not buy your latest track, they will not be interested in your music, they will not play your tracks. Exclusive to this guide to soundcloud promotion in 2018, we will be discussing how you can create your own promotion network with a huge number of followers, and register this network on either one of the repost exchange sites.

Your promotion on soundcloud will look just like a regularly uploaded soundcloud track in your stream or homepage, with the words promoted” at the top of the track. The goal is to help your fellow human beings create better music and to compliment artists when they deserve it. That's how you'll get their attention. Next, use your accounts to follow the followers of those artists.