November 6, 2020

Wedding in Brahmin Community

A wedding in India has always been the lifetime event for the families also because the couple, where the celebrations last for days and therefore the ceremonies are lavish affairs. There's a trend in India that folks follow their ancestral rituals, which is basically overwhelming sometimes. Preserving the cultural heritage is that the biggest thing in India, and this will be reflected within the weddings. Different communities in India follow a special sort of wedding, where the motto is same, which is uniting two souls for the entire life. However, the impact of regional variations is often clearly seen within the Indian marriages. The rituals and traditions even get changed within the same community or the sub-castes.

As per the social organization of the castes in India, the Brahmins rank first and are considered because the priests. the marriage rituals within the Brahmins are believed to be in their purest forms. The population of Brahmins is scattered everywhere the country, and in every state, the marriage rituals and therefore the way of celebration differ in Brahmin Matrimony. Within the northern and southern parts of the country, the food is cooked without including garlic and onion, while within the Bengali and Oriya community, no food is complete without non-vegetarian delight.

The Brahmin matrimony involves variety of customs and tradition as a part of the celebrations. There are a series of customs and rituals that are celebrated at the respective homes of the bride and groom. The participation of the family and friends may be a must during the rituals. The presence of the buddies makes the environment very enjoyable. The elders of the family bless the bride and groom-to-be. The feminine members of the family sing the marriage songs and dance on the beats of Dholak and other musical instruments. Henna is applied on the hands and feet of the bride, which symbolizes marital bliss and is believed to show down the bad omen.

Turmeric paste is applied everywhere the body of the bride and groom and therefore the elders bless them by applying turmeric. The turmeric paste is believed to get rid of the impurities from the skin and make the skin glow. Some more elaborate rituals are performed at the bride's and groom's homes. On the marriage day, the groom arrives the bride's house, amid a procession which incorporates friends and relations of the groom.

During the marriage, the priest chants mantras and therefore the rituals are performed ahead of the sacred fire. The marriage involves numerous elaborate rituals, and is conducted for several hours. After wedding, the bride leaves her parent's home and enters her new life together with her husband.

Earlier, the Brahmins were very adamant about their culture and believed in arranged marriages. However, the trend has changed, and therefore the youngsters lately are marrying the life partner of their choice, with the approval of their parents. The Indian community is strict follower of matching the horoscopes before fixing the marriage . But the community is now progressive and there are variety of families which don't believe horoscope matching in Brahmin Matrimony.