Creating A NameServer

How Nameservers work?

When we enter the Domain name in your browser the browser retrieves for the nameserver for the  requested domain name and request for the ip address from nameservers, from the ip address it requests for the website or web page  which has been entered , Nameserver also can be defined as any server that has DNS software installed on it. 

This is a very useful features for resellers who wants to have a common name server for all the domains hosted in their VPS or dedicated server or on a Cloud Server. Assume that, you plan to have more than few domains and want to have a single name server for all the domains, then you can use this feature. Once the name server is created here, You can modify the required IP address in the DNS config module. 

How to create Name Server in Web Hosting Manager

Step 1: First you need to login into your WHM panel and then search and click on name server 

Step 2: Enter the domain name in the address bar of your browser. 

Step 3: Your system makes use of the  DNS to search the name servers for the web address which has been requested 

Step 4: The nameservers are retrieved for the requested domain 

Step 5: Your system requests for the IP address from the nameservers 

Step 6: Once it gets submitted, your system sends the request to the Ip address, including the exact  page that has been requested 

Step 7: The web server hosting  the requested domain sends the requested page back to your web browser