Letter Vitamins Market Value Projected to Expand by 2027

Letter Vitamins Market: Overview

For human body to function at its optimal, it is highly important for it to have sufficient levels of letter vitamins – A, B, C, D and E – but it does not naturally produce them. Instead, it absorbs these essential micro nutrients through food. With hectic lifestyles and food quality across the globe deteriorating, the deficiency in many of them is widespread.

It comes as no surprise therefore that the Compound Annual Growth Rate of the Global Letter Vitamins Markets would be steady over the forecast period of 2019 – 2027.

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Letter Vitamins Market: Notable Developments

2019: Researchers at the University of Birmingham found that adding vitamin D to wheat flour can prevent 10 million cases of its deficiency in England and Wales. Governments (such as that in Harare) are keen on investing in Bio-fortification, a process where crops grown are infused with micro-nutrients.

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Fortified foods taking up the nutraceutical market by storm directs us at the need of lettered vitamins and the opportunities that exist for the players.

2017: Garden of Life, a leading nutrition brand, along with the actress and New York Times author and health advocate, Alicia Silverstone announced a new and innovative line of vitamins by the name of Mykind Organics. This line of gummy vitamins is the first full line that is certified USDA Organic are also non-GMO Project Verified. These use real organic fruit and whole food. It is important to note here that while they are sweet, it is because of the use of real fruit and not a candy base, making it a healthier alternative to other such products in the letter vitamin market.

This points us towards one of the main strategy market players use to stay relevant in the ever dynamic industry – product development

The global letter vitamins market is fairly fragmented and is looking at new players trying to the fray almost every now and then. Prominent players of the global letter vitamins market are Nature’s Way, The Vitamin Shoppe, Nordic Naturals, Garden of Life, Ptimum Nutrition and Performix

Letter Vitamins Market: Key Trends and Drivers

  • Rise in vegan and vegetarian diets is seen as one of factors leading to a deficiency in letter vitamins, forcing people to look for supplements. It has been observed that vegetarians and vegans are particularly deficient in Vitamin B. Therefore, these diets require care to avoid deficiencies and are therefore seen as a factor leading to increase in demand in the global letter vitamins market
  • As lifestyles become intense and people eat out more and look for smaller portions of food when hunger strikes, vitamin levels falls. For human bodies to maintain healthy vitamin levels, it is paramount that a balanced diet is had which is becoming rare and thus, a demand for letter vitamins is on an upward curve

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Letter Vitamins Market: Geographical Analysis

Asia Pacific will be a prominent region in the global letter vitamins market due to ample growth opportunities created by rising awareness about the need. Another factor that is seen as a positive contributor is increasing popularity of personalized nutrition.

India will prove to be an important market with the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare running several important programs. One of these, for instance, offers Vitamin A supplements to school children.