January 7, 2021

Harmonize sales and marketing with a WHY workshop

Successfully linking the sales team and the marketing team to work in coordination is a major challenge for your business. Good communication, a smooth purchase journey, a good conversion rate, and generally very satisfied customers… But how do you get there? SEO Services in Lahore

Give a common vision to your teams

Your teams represent your company, its culture, and its interests; finally, it is normally in this ideology that a team is founded with trustworthy and operational individuals. When you manage to build a complete team that works in harmony, it is of course a success, but if this same team cannot manage to collaborate with other departments or departments of your company what good is it?

To quote one person who alone represented one of the world's largest companies: “The best things that happen in the corporate world are not the result of one man's work. It's the work of a whole team ”. It is indeed a quote from Steve Jobs if we often associate all the success of Apple and its success with Steve Jobs and his visionary ideas, he did not raise the company to the top alone, indeed he accompanied himself. Successful teams and passionate individuals know how to work together. How did they manage to work in harmony? To make their products what they are today? and to develop one of the largest existing companies?

The employees had a common goal and vision that united them and led to success!

Apple has a very explicit way of communicating that speaks directly to everyone. This is their WHY! Apple's WHY this is according to Sinek, we believe in a different way of thinking

We believe in challenging the status quo, in everything we do,

Unite your teams around a collective culture

The work of the Apple teams has made it possible to move forward in the same direction and give them such a powerful dimension. When you discover your WHY, you immediately gain clarity, so your message becomes more consistent and it is easier to trust yourself and your products/services. To successfully harmonize your sales and marketing teams, the idea is to follow a similar pattern, start by defining your why, and be sure that your employees share it.

As discussed in Simon Sinek's lecture, if you recruit employees who are only present for their pay at the end of the month, they will be less passionate and efficient than an employee who shares and believes in the ideas of the company. . It is therefore essential not to underestimate the power of WHY. If you manage to hire people who believe in what you believe, then they will all be united around a single vision and have only one common goal! From that moment, they will not only become more efficient, more dynamic but will have no problem working in harmony to optimize their efficiency.

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