February 28, 2020

Literary analysis 'bout "Hush, hush"

When I found the book "Hush, hush", nothing could interest me of it, except its name that made me fall in unsettling feeling. I examined a book from front to back. Even though I was busy, I couldn't keep it lay on. I guessed it was something like supernatural story... and it was. The author is Becca Fitzpatrick, a talented author whos name I've never heard before. Reading book from fbreader on phone allowed me to see reviews from other publishers. Just one review was enough to attract you into this book.
The main protagonist Nora Grey lives in country farmhouse and rarely see her mother. Suddenly in her life approaches suspicious person. She calls him Patch, they sit together at lessons tho. They have a lot going on, later it turns out that he is the fallen angel who has relation to her. Nora's life is getting filled with a plenty of obstacles which this couple is going to deal with.
By first look you won't see all the secrets every chapter hide itself. I wanna say that its has more meaning than it seems. From chapter to chapter the book forces a reader to go deep in thoughts about all around the story. Reading process is brought to us gracefully enough.
Though it was my second book in english without any adaptation. I would say my reading got improved as I read more and more. Every time new stuff has began it felt like getting absolutely something else. If you start to read "Hush, hush" you wouldn't stop and as you've read it fully, it will stay in your mind for a long time. Thats why I recommend it to everyone who like genres such as horror, mystic etc.