June 10, 2020

&TV || Lockdown turns Jiten Lalwani into a chef

While strictly adhering to the lockdown norms, citizens are making the most of their spare time by undertaking various activities that interests them. These include learning a new instrument, taking up an educational course, watching movies, trying different delicacies, reading, painting, etc.Actor Jiten Lalwani is not far behind. The actor who plays Kesari in &TV’s Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram has also been utilising this lockdown time by wearing the chef’s hat and experimenting in the kitchen.

Jiten has been spending a lot of time in kitchen trying out various delicacies. Commenting on the same, Jiten says,“Ihave always enjoyed cooking for my family and the smile it brings on their faces is worth the effort. Since I am at home these days, I have taken over the kitchen responsibilities and we take turns in deciding the menu for the next day. I have always been passionate about cooking but due to a busy schedule I never got the time to try my hand at it.”

Jiten has been sharing the workload with his wife during this quarantine period. The actor is ensuring that the responsibility of household chores does not fall solely on his wife. He further adds, “Me and my wife are doing all the household chores together. Afterall happiness lies in helping each other and doing things together. Apart from this, I usually stick to watering the plants and getting groceries from the market. I feel that housework should be a shared responsibility."

Having played prominent characters such as Shani dev twice in the past, the supremely talented actor Jiten lalwani is playing the compassionate Kesari, lord hanuman’s father in &TV’s mythological show Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram.