September 4, 2019

Delta Airlines Reservations Decides To Give 4 Percent Raise to Its Employees


The leading airlines of the United States and counted among the finest in the world is Delta Airlines. It has a great customer base with trips taking all over the world. It has a dedicated bunch of people who have worked tremendously to keep customer satisfaction as the priority of the company. With the great work done by its staff, the airline has decided to give its employee a raise. During the long weekend, the Delta Airlines Reservations can cherish with some good news as they celebrate Labor Day. The raise is of 4 percent as the employee are the finest and so friendly.

However, many didn’t expect this move, from the CEO Ed Bastian, circulated a letter in which the airline announced the pay increase for a large number of Delta Airlines. The rise is being paid based on ground and flight attendant scales will receive a four percent is base pay across the board. Other than this, merit employees will participate in a four percent merit pool for increased pay.

The news reported that the raises will go in effect from October 1st. 2019.


The announcement has come as a time when Delta is hiring additional flight attendants for the class of 2020. The raise for sure suggest that the airline is doing the great with its success in the recent time and therefore it is passing the profit to its employees. Book your tickets with the leading airlines Delta Airlines Tickets portal and enjoy great offers.

Later, CEO Ed Bastian further added that the profit-sharing is far better than last year. Although, some of the figures were not revealed, so one can say it is a form of increased compensation. The announcement has for sure made the offer Delta employees a little more to celebrate during this Labor Day. Delta Airlines Reservations is offering great deals for your vacation in United States.

Needless to say, the airline is one of the best operating carriers in the United States. The work and its network are excellent where operations record and has to wither all the kinds of weather, including hurricanes, thunderstorms, and winter ice storms. However, the Delta does not have to bother itself with union issues other airlines, especially like American had to deal with. To tell you the important thing, Delta is comparatively non-unionized. Though, the pilots have asked to get their issues resolved.

Though, with great financials support it has, Delta is playing a solo on a solid footing by giving their employees a raise after notching a 90% load factor in July. It has operated amazingly throughout the calendar year. Importantly, Delta Airlines is making improvement in the area of a sparse long-haul network, the airline has gained a loyal following. It is counted among the big three US carriers and is sure among leaders of the pack.

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