December 30, 2020

Highlighted adverse impact of Australian bushfire by Nick Tsagaris

It was news from New South Wales, Australia in November 2019 that lured the attention of people from all across the globe. Followed by this, there was a video in which a woman risked her life in a wildfire to save a koala bear from the fire becomes a sensation. These were the mere impact of bushfires in Australia as the major havoc is about to be discussed. More than 25.5 million acres of land were torched, almost the size of South Korea take the death count to 34 and a loss of over 2 billion animals. During his crisis, many people showed their bravery and acted like real superheroes to extinguish the fire, which took 79 straight days. And, amongst these superheroes, one name that popped several times on the news was Nick Tsagaris.

By profession, Nick Tsagaris is a blogger who real took pain to draw the attention of people from different parts of the world by covering real impact and updates of the situation. He along with his colleagues also worked as volunteers to fight against the spreading of fire. Nick Tsagaris in Mcdonalds' made charity from his savings and donated vegetables for rescued animals. After the fire was put off by 10th February in 2020, he continuously made attempts to collect funds for the betterment of the country.

So, this time Nick Tsagaris after doing a month's of researched work come up with a blog that explains the impact of Australian bushfires. We have covered some essential impacts of bushfire covered by him:

  1. Physical, direct impact - More than 5900 buildings were completely destroyed that includes 2800 homes. And many millions of animals and human fatalities were counted.
  2. Biodiversity impact - Devastation of the fire is ongoing, a billion animals were killed and another million are expected to die in the coming month.
  3. Public health - Due to heavy some Canberra measured the worst air quality index of any major city in the world.
  4. Impact across the border - The smoke of the wildfire traveled hundreds of miles above the ground and across the globe. It reached into the stratosphere and drifted from the pacific to the Antarctic.
  5. Mental health cost - Along with physical harm Nick Tsagaris also stated that wildfire has put an adverse impact on the mental health of the people which made them experience mental trauma.
  6. Economic cost - The total estimate of loss is yet to be analyzed and might be done by the end of this year. From farming to tourism to institutions almost all industries have an adverse impact on it.
  7. Climate Feedback loops - The carbon released in bushfire was further reabsorbed by the country. It was expected to be 400 megatonnes of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere which is 3 times more than annual emission.
  8. Agricultural impacts - The bushfire completely destroyed the livestock and razed vineyards which were already greatly impacted by drought. Over 13 percent of the national sheep flock was badly affected by the fire.

These were few highlighted impacts of the bushfire that is occurred so far. If you further want to keep yourself updated with Australian bushfire news then stay in touch with Nick Tsagari’s future blogs.