South Africa Contract Logistics Market -Size, Growth, Industry Share, Size,Scope,Forecast,Analysis And Statistics Report By 2027

South Africa Contract Logistics Market to 2027 - Regional Analysis and Forecasts by Type (Outsourcing and Insourcing); Services (Transportation, Warehousing, Packaging Processes and Solutions, Distribution, Production Logistics, and Aftermarket Logistics); and End-user (Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer, High-Tech, Industrial, Pharma & Healthcare, and Retail)

The South Africa contract logistics market accounted for US$ 528.6 Mn in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.6% over the forecast period 2019–2027, to account for US$ 782.2 Mn by 2027. Growth in the recent five years is primarily driven by increasing businesses in South Africa and their needs to

 optimize the supply chain costs. The retail sector is estimated to garner the highest market share in the South Africa contract logistics market by end-user whereas the automotive sector is anticipated to grow at a very high pace.

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South Africa has the largest economy in Africa, whereas it is the 40th largest economy in the world. As per the World Bank estimation, South Africa is considered to be a newly industrialized economy and is a developing country with its economy lying in the middle to upper-middle income range. The country is identified to be a key economy in the context of international affairs that has maintained noteworthy regional influence over the last few years. Few factors have had a positive influence on the development of the logistics sector in the country. The key factors that impact the industry include well-developed legal, financial, and transportation sectors. The transportation infrastructure in the country is highly advanced and is therefore considered to be the best in the African continent. However, factors such as rigid labor policies, poverty, and income inequality have posed stern challenges to the smooth growth of the logistics sector in the country and thereby challenged the growth of South Africa contract logistics market.

The economy of South Africa is an open trade economy where imports and exports account for close to 30% each in the national GDP. The South African region is a prime exporter of minerals and other manufactured goods. Owing to the abundant natural resources present in the country, South Africa leads the mineral exports in the region and also globally. Gold, chromium, and platinum are the most prominent minerals that are present in abundance in South Africa. Mining and agriculture form the primary source of income for the country’s population. These two end-sectors are significant end-users in the South Africa contract logistics market.

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The overall South Africa contract logistics market size has been derived using both primary and secondary source. The research process begins with exhaustive secondary research using internal and external sources to obtain qualitative and quantitative information related to the South Africa contract logistics market. It also provides an overview and forecast for the South Africa contract logistics market based on all the segmentation pertaining to the country. Also, primary interviews were conducted with industry participants and commentators to validate data and analysis. The participants who typically take part in such a process include industry expert such as VPs, business development managers, market intelligence managers, and national sales managers, and external consultants such as valuation experts, research analysts, and key opinion leaders specializing in the South Africa contract logistics market. Some of the players present in the South Africa contract logistics market are Cargo Carriers (Pty) Limited, Ceva Logistics AG, DB Schenker, Deutsche Post AG, DSV A/S, Imperial Logistics, Laser Group, Namlog, Onelogix Group, and UPS Supply Chain Solutions among others.

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