May 28, 2019

Cast Removal Devices Market Research Explores The Key Success Factors, And Business Opportunities Including Key Players Forecast Till 2019

The cast removal devices are instruments used for cutting casting material such as orthopedic plaster. These devices possess properties such as high cutting torque and low material speed. The devices are further classified in three categories in accordance to their method of application for cutting such as hand handled device, advanced device and bottom edge device.

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The hand handled devices cut the orthopedic casts without noise with a few or no debris generation however advanced devices maintain the velocity of the equipment throughout the cast. The bottom edge devices are designed to cut the cast from the bottom of the cast to reduce the risk to skin cutting.

The device can also be classified as cast vacuum, cast spreader, cast cutter and saw. The cast vacuum helps in removing the cast by creating vacuum between skin and cast inner layer. This reduces the itching of skin and also risk of skin cutting. Cast cutter and saw are the blade structured devices used to cut the cast either from bottom up or top down. Cast spreaders are used to split the edges of the cast once it is cut with the cast saw.

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Rise in aging population worldwide has increased the incidence of injury and fall which would augment the growth of cast removal devices. In addition, rise in number of accidents worldwide has also increased substantially which would enhance the growth of this market. Moreover, the governments of various nations have improved funding for these devices which would also trigger the growth of this market. For instance, The Indiana government has granted USD 2 million to OrthoPediatrics Corp. to develop and commercialize their cast removal products. These devices have also created ease for orthopedic surgeons by reducing the risk of skin cutting.

Some of the major players in cast removal devices include Smith & Nephew Corporation, Stryker Corporation, KMT Robotic Solutions and ViewCast Inc amongst other significant players.

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