October 6, 2020

Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter

The Ninebot Max has a producer-claimed range of 64 kilometers; but, we got 45.2 kilometers for the duration of our range check. The variety take a look at simulates actual-global situations (seventy four kg rider, frequent stops, pinnacle speed while secure, severa hills).

This variety is the various nice given the scooter’s charge variety and weight.

The Max has a front drum brake and rear electronic brake. This makes the braking system robust and offers redundancy in the case that one machine fails.

During our 24 kmh braking check, the Ninebot Max took a decent 5.2 meters to come back to a halt. This is never file-putting, but approximately as properly as the unique M365 (5.0 m) and M365 Pro (four.6 m). For context, stopping distances between 5 m and six m, we don't forget to be excellent.

One factor we genuinely like about the drum brake is that it is 0 maintenance. The braking mechanism is completed encased in the wheel — shielding it from the environment or incidental damage.

Because the brake cable is short and routed noticeably straight, braking feels easy and doesn’t require a lot effort. On the version we obtained, we needed to adjust a tensioning screw at the the front drum brake. Overall, the Ninebot Max’s brakes offer plentiful stopping power whilst braking with maximum pressure.

One subject that has been expressed about the Max is locating the drum brake on the the front wheel. Some have wondered if braking can result in toppling over the front wheel. During our testing, we didn’t be aware this — even if braking maximally. However, whilst braking, we strongly recommend that you crouch and shift your weight toward the rear tire for extra balance.

Ride first-class

Despite its lack of suspension, its huge 25.4-centimeter tires and sturdy frame deliver it a better ride than many scooters with a full suspension. On the worst roads, you’ll undoubtedly get rattled a chunk, but the Max does well on most terrains.

The complete package — with its large deck, thicker stem, and beefier build make the Ninebot Max experience more like a valid commuting machine than a novelty.

Its more robust frame and slower motor make it experience much less nimble; this isn't the scooter you’ll be carving around on.

However, all those things stated — the Max is the sort of experience that is right as a every day commuter with enough comfort and deck area for going longer distances.

At 19 kgs, the scooter is a piece heavy, although nonetheless possible. In our revel in, 20 kgs is the restriction for a scooter to be honestly portable.

The Ninebot Max has folded dimensions of 117-centimeters by means of 46-centimeters with the aid of 53-centimeters. Though it is on the larger length, it should fit into most trunks even though you could have to slide the scooter in on an attitude. We tested it on a Honda Accord, which has a huge trunk and had no troubles.

The Max has a folding stem with a latch that is barely different from the M365, although it functions in a completely comparable way. It has a safety collar that rotates to lock the folding lever into location. When unfolded, there may be definitely zero play within the stem. The folding mechanism is extremely-strong.

Central to it is a vivid LED display that shows fundamental statistics: velocity, battery, mode, and many others. It is shiny sufficient to look in daylight and dims at night time (while the front lighting are on) to prevent blinding you. A unmarried button controls lighting fixtures, mode, and strength.

Overall, all the adornments at the handlebars — display, accelerator, brake lever, and grips look and experience wonderful.

The handlebar grips are thick and textured. ninebot max There is a twist-fashion bell this is loud sufficient to alert pedestrians but no longer automobiles. The thumb throttle has easy mechanical has a grippy rubber pad. The brake lever is strong with none play or extra friction.


The Ninebot Max has a high-installed front LED mild. It additionally has a small rear purple LED brake mild. Good optics.

The Ninebot Max has 25.Four-centimeter tubeless pneumatic tires that function properly at damping avenue vibrations and rolling over obstacles and potholes that would ship you to the floor.

Segway has marketed the tires as “self-healing,” which isn’t some fancy technology — it simply means that the tires come pre-full of tire slime. This is an high-quality addition that we hope becomes fashionable. It should make the tires greater immune to residences.


The Max’s deck is pretty high-quality. It has a grippy rubber surface and 20-inches by means of 7-inches of usable deck space.

This makes it spacious enough for a ramification of cozy riding positions, and maximum will be able to stand with their ft in line.

The deck has 7.6 centimeters of floor clearance. The deck-to-handlebar peak is 102.1 centimeters.

Overall, construct pleasant is top notch. The scooter is greater vast and looks like a severe commuting system as compared to a few other scooters.

The body of the Ninebot Max could be very almost identical to the Xiaomi M365, but supersized, making it more long lasting. Segway Ninebot has stated that this scooter was designed in particular for the sharing market in thoughts. This have to make it an exceptionally durable scooter for personal use.