Modern Warfare Hack

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  • Extreme Injector v3.7.3 -
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    🔫 How to use?
  • Extract zip
  • Run injector
  • Launch COD:MW
  • Inject the file
  • Open hack menu (press "Insert")

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Anti-cheat status:
- Anti-cheat games: UNDETECTED
- Bypass game screenshots
Game version:
- Last patch (1.22);
- Supports all game modes (Single Player, Multiplayer, Warzone, Co-op and Ground War)
Features cheat:
- No crashes and does not affect the FPS when using cheat;
- Works in full screen game mode;
- Driver protection and detailed configuration of any functions / colors;

- Enable aimbot
- Fully customizable aimbot for non-pop game
- Aim Smooth
- Auto Fire (Auto Shot)
- Fire Delay (Delay shot)
- Aim FOV (Aim FOV)
- Aim Key (Aim activation button)
- Stick to Target
- Randomize Aim (Random Aim Bone Guidance)
- Hard Lock
- Visibility Check
- Aim Bone (Choosing where to point: Head Priority, Chest Priority, Head, Chest)

- Aim on Friendly
- Aim on Enemy
- Max Distance
- Auto Melee (Automatically attacks the enemy at close range)

Triggetbot: (Custom triggerbot)
- Enable Triggerbot
- Use Trigger Key
- Fire Delay
- Trigger on Friendly
- Trigger on Enemy
- Max Distance

- 2D \ 3D Box ESP
- Player Name ESP
- Player Distance ESP
- Aim Laser (Shows where the enemy is looking)
- Player Weapon ESP
- Grenade ESP (Shows grenades)
- Pickup ESP (Shows abandoned weapons, etc.)
- Show Friendly
- Show Enemy (Shows Enemies)
- Show Vehicle (Shows the technique)
- Show Invisible (Show players behind the wall)
- Warning System (Warns about enemies nearby)
- Visibility check for players

2D Radar:
- A radar that will show you the players, etc.

- Fully customizable colors of all functions!

- Saving and loading settings


Last Updated - 06.07.2020 - to patch 1.22 (Signature updated)