May 25, 2021

What is happiness?

While reading, please turn on this song. It will help you to feel this text;)

For everyone, happiness has its own look, for someone, it is a dream, for someone it is love or a family, and someone just wakes up in the morning lying in bed and realizes that he is happy. Happy to listen to this singing of birds outside the window, happy that a sun bunny falls on his face.

It happens, that happiness is confused with a goal, and this often ends in the emptiness in the soul after a person has achieved everything he wanted. For some, happiness is money or position in society. This someone, you say, is mistaken, but I will say that everything is possible, because it is happiness.

Happiness has no boundaries, it cannot be caught and kept in captivity, it comes by itself, it is just a brief moment of something bright, and yet so tender that you want to dance and sing from butterflies in your stomach and a little sun in your chest.

Yes... But for some, happiness comes quietly. It approaches imperceptibly and covers with its blanket of feelings. And it becomes easy and warm for you, you understand that someone needs you, they love you, they believe in you, they are waiting for you.

Happiness is everywhere: in the book you read and the movie you watched, in the lessons you have done or the assessment you received, in time with your loved ones, seemingly in simple but so valuable little things.

Happiness helps to live a new day, gives unprecedented strength and confidence.

Happiness is just a moment, but so magical and incredible that you don't keep up with it, jump up from your chair and understand, you missed it. But it becomes so good that you wait for it again and again.

Happiness is different for everyone, and therefore it is what everyone has. Be happy...!

P.S. I highly recommend watching the film "Доживем до понедельника", the theme of the film is just happiness and it was this film that prompted me to write an article;)

Author: Karmanova Anastasiya

NIS Press — это школьная газета НИШ ФМН г. Алматы, Казахстан. Данная статья была опубликована в выпуске газеты 8 марта 2021 г.

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