Key Benefits Of Taxi Dispatch Software

Taxi service has slowly emerged as an essential means of transportation globally. Reliable taxi dispatch software can be the difference between you standing out from the crowd or failing to get noticed. The taxi business is highly competitive and in order to stay ahead, you have to be efficient in your operations.

Taxi dispatch system is bringing about a transformation in the taxi industry. The incapability and inefficiency are the most complex hurdles that businesses have to face at the time of manual dispatch process. However, such problems are eliminated by an efficient taxi dispatch system.

Offering seamless functioning, taxi dispatch software is the way to move ahead. Mentioned below are a few benefits of getting this software integrated with your system.

Better ROI

There are drivers that work solo but they get a limited crowd. However, by registering themselves on a reliable taxi booking application, they would be able to gain access to a comparatively larger pool of customers. Customers too prefer the efficiency of a taxi app as they can book a cab from the comforts of their home or while at work and have it arrive at their doorstep on time.

It’s way more convenient than walking down the street looking for a taxi.Due to the taxi dispatch software, drivers have been able to maximize the total number of trips they take in a day. This in turn aids in an improved return on investment for your company. The results can be noticed very soon and owners and taxi drivers would benefit from increased revenue.

Optimum Vehicle Management

Cars are machines and will require maintenance or might break down especially since you would be using them on a daily basis for your taxi business. However, it can be difficult to keep a track of all the vehicles.This is where the taxi dispatch software can prove beneficial for your business. With a reliable dispatch system at work, you will be able to regulate the majority of the operations. This will help in maintaining the entire fleet very easily.You could keep the car's maintenance status updated, track progress or check if the car needs repairs. The GPS facility is an additional feature that makes it easy to track your vehicles and make sure they are safe.

Enhance Brand Awareness

With the taxi dispatch software in place, you can offer improved services to your customers. With guaranteed quality-services each time, your businesses’ brand awareness would increase. Also, as customers have your app on their phones, your brand name and logo would be displayed.

This works as repetitive marketing. As more enjoy your services, they will tell others about it as well thereby expanding your reach.Additionally, mobile apps help businesses reach users on a global scale helping your brand grow beyond the borders too. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient way to market yourself and establish your business, a taxi dispatch system would be your best bet.

Assured Passenger Safety

Each trip booked through the taxi dispatch software will be tracked right from the time the passenger has requested the trip to when they are dropped off. The history of the previous rides of the driver will also be available on the database so passengers can look at the driver’s ratings. With the trip being tracked, the chances of any mishaps are reduced to a great extent.

The driver will have to follow the predefined route and safely drop off the passenger.To make the customers feel safer, reliable taxi dispatch systems integrate an SOS button for the customers.

The users press the button if they feel they are in danger.This button is designed to send the location details to the customer’s emergency contact thereby alerting them. When you address the safety concerns of a customer, they are most likely to choose you for any of their future trips.

Secured Payment System

With digital payment becoming a more trusted form of payment, people don’t prefer getting paid in cash. Online transfers or swiping cards is the way to go for the majority of people these days. Not only is making payments easier this way but is also more secure.Trusted taxi dispatch software will usually have secure payment gateways integrated into the system.

The option paying in cash could be an option for those users who don't prefer online payments.Fare CalculationWith the admin panel of your taxi dispatch software, you will be able to set up certain details of the fares including the minimum fare, base fare or fare per minute. Advanced features like time-based fare management can allow you to set different amounts for different time periods. Example – a price surge between 4 pm to 7pm.

The fare can also be altered on the basis of distance being travelled with a distance-based fare management system. Another way to go about this would be with an area-specific fare management that allows you to set a certain fare for a particular area.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking is perhaps the most important feature to be integrated in a taxi dispatch system. With GPS tracking, it becomes easy for both the driver and the customer to remain updated about each other’s location.This ensures smooth pickups and drop-offs each time. If the driver is finding it difficult to find the rider’s exact location, the rider can guide them by looking at the GPS.Additionally, you would also have the chance to track the entire ride in real-time. This is stored in your history and you can review them later if you want to.

This is beneficial for your business as you can go through the trips history by each driver along with other details like the passenger’s details, the day of the trip and more. The taxi dispatch software can make it easy to deal with performance reviews or complaints if any.

This feature will help you stay ahead of your competitors and remain in the market for long.Taxi dispatch software ensures that your business operations are smooth without any management issues. It will help in enhancing the customer experience and thereby helping your business grow.