January 5, 2021

Media planning and buying: The formula to a wide coverage

Media planning and media buying are among the fundamental components of the media industry. They require thorough knowledge of the audience demographics, industry trends and preferences, geographic restrictions, consumer behaviour, communication channels, and a complete array of other things. Every business has a set audience and there are unique modes of communication to reach them as per their choices.

Media planning is the process of strategically shortlisting a few channels from a range of media platforms to position the client’s advertisements. The most crucial catch in media planning is determining the right combination of media to achieve a campaign’s goals and objectives. Whatever the processes adopted the ultimate aim is to provide media exposure to the client.

In media buying one executes the strategy planned, puting the best resources to work. The media buying professionals need to have a thorough understanding of the market prices and compare the offerings of various publications and media houses to get the best deal for the client. The 3 important factors to shortlist the media houses have however remained unchanged over time: impact, ROI, and visibility.

In the earlier days, media planning and buying was only limited print, radio, broadcast and occasionally OOH. Technology has also added social media, blogs, websites and digital ads to the list. With such a diverse platter of options, advertising agencies can now spread the messaging across these platforms based on the audience to be reached, campaign’s goals, brand’s messaging, timeline and the required visibility.

The importance of media planning lies in keeping a close tab of the new opportunities for advertising and tapping on necessary opportunities. It is important to deliver within the client’s budget and not go overboard by missing on the right combination.

The importance of media buying lies in reaching the right audience at the right time. With such a vast competition in the market it is important to always keep your A-game on and position yourself better than other players. The right media buying helps is achieving the best results for an affordable amount and that is a triumph in it’s true sense.

The five large processes of media buying and planning can be summarized as follow:

1.     An extensive research to identify the right set of audiences

2.     Study the audiences’ interests and preferences

3.     Communicate with the audience at the right time and strike a conversation

4.     Engage in creative methods to get noticed and turn them to your brand

5.     Keep a record of the ad placements to study what is effective and what is not for future campaigns and alter the shortcomings accordingly.

At Trivium Media Group, we get our clients wide-spread coverage that is well within their estimated budget. Our media connections and relations over the years has been instrumental in serving our clients better. Our team makes a customised target media list for every client after a thorough understanding of what they have to offer and how. Meanwhile, It is important to educate your audience and tell your story instead of mere advertisement and we do just that. The right balance of research for both media planning and buying ultimately determines if the strategy has paid off, and we are on the constant search to look out and achieve the same.

Your quest for the best PR agency in India ends right here! Incepted inside the year 2012, Trivium PR Communications is an award-triumphing PR organization in India, with a targeted technique toward enabling early degree companies to advantage traction and visibility in each, traditional and virtual media.

Having flawlessly added an extensive gamut of branding principles, strategies, and PR campaigns to a hundred+ clients, we are professional at catering to the particular challenges and requisitions of clients from myriad verticals, along with however no longer constrained to E-Commerce, Technology pr, Startups, FinTech, Fashion & Lifestyle, Travel pr, Automobiles, Education & HR, Films & Entertainment.

Being one of the most desired employers for Public Relations services, we assist organisations in creating a nicely-defined area of interest for themselves, with our sensible and measurable integrated communications applications.

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