Best No Crop Apps for WhatsApp & Instagram to Post Full Size Pics.

Nowadays, more and more applications are being installed on mobile phones, and their functions are increasingly powerful. However, some applications also have imperfections. Fortunately, these defects can be compensated by other applications. As we all know, Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Instagram have a story feature that allows users to showcase their daily lifestyle, work or any other activities to everyone. This feature has been a favorite of all users since it was invented.

Statistics show that 300 million active Instagram users publish Insta Story on a regular basis every day. With such a large number of regular Insta Story enthusiasts, there’s still one flaw that they complain about, i.e. the automatic cropping of their pictures.

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A lot of the users complain that this automatic cropping of the images can reduce the image quality and even crop the very important part of their images. Well, this major flaw has been there for quite some time now. Fortunately, smart developers have found some methods and made some great applications to make up for this shortcoming.

So, what’s the best no crop app for Instagram or WhatsApp? Please continue reading to check the list given below!

1. No Crop & Square for Instagram
As the name suggests, it’s one of the best no crop app specially designed to help users post full-sized pictures on Instagram or WhatsApp without cropping. This no crop Instagram app features a user-friendly interface, including a pics editor with different effects to make the photos you post on Instagram even more special.

By using this no crop for the Instagram app, you can edit your pics with multiple filters, effects and different emojis to make your photos more interesting and attractive, even more popular. Well, now let’s take a deeper look at its features:

Instantly post full-size photos on Instagram without cropping.
You can rotate, flip or resize your photos with ease.
Awesome photo collage templates for you to choose from.
Over 30+ filters to customize your pictures and make it even more beautiful.
Choose from over 200 free background patterns.
More than 400 free stickers and emoji stickers make your photos more interesting.
Share photos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or anywhere else with one click
No Crop & Square for Instagram is one of the best 5 No Crop Apps in 2018.

2. InSquare Pic – No Crop Photo Editor
One of the highest rated no crop photo editor for Instagram, InSquare Pic is powerful, but still very easy to use. With this all-in-one app, you can create stunning high-quality pictures and collage photo grids using a variety of frames, stickers, backgrounds, and texts. And it’s no crop Instagram feature allows users to resize photos to fit Instagram or WhatsApp easily. With the support of hundreds of emojis, it can make your pictures look cool and funny as well.

Post-high-quality pictures on Instagram with no crop.
Unique filters and special effects to turn photos into works of art.
Interesting emoji stickers and text to make your photos more stylish.
The beautiful hashtag makes your photos more popular.
Diverse background processing, such as blur, gradient, mosaic, etc.
User-friendly interface.

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3. Square Quick Pro – No Crop for Instagram
It is also one of the best non-cropping apps for Instagram and WhatsApp. With it, you can create amazing high-quality photos and collage photo grids for Instagram and Instagram stories using a variety of filters, stickers, backgrounds, and text. This no crop Instagram app has got 4.6 ratings at the Play Store and is loved by users.


No crop pictures on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.
Post square photos to Instagram Story with funny emojis and stickers.
You can choose dozens of fonts to express what you want.
Use a color brush to draw photos.
Adjust brightness, contrast, temperature, and saturation.
Highlights and shadows, sharpening and blurring.
Create beautiful, high-quality photo collages with the Collage Maker.
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Square Quick Pro is one of the best 5 No Crop Apps in 2018.

4. Square Size Fit – Collage Maker & Photo Editor
This app also primarily focuses on in resizing the image for sharing to WhatsApp or Instagram Story but with a different approach. It features over 300+ collage template to help you frame your image or multiple images at one go. With this photo editing tool, you can also edit them and add stickers to the pictures to make them look cute.

With its huge range of templates, backgrounds, stickers, and great filters, this no crop app deserves to be on the best list. It has also been highly rated by users at the Play Store.


Post full square size pics without cropping on Instagram.
Add fantastic filters and fun stickers to your photos.
Round Corner/Drag & Drop/Zoom In & Zoom Out/Rotate
Adjust the Brightness/Contrast/Highlight/shadow/Hue/Sharpen instant …
Collage frame with hundreds of layouts.
Supports shadow 3d effects and overlays for photo effects.
Quickly share your images via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
Square Size Fit is one of the best 5 No Crop Apps in 2018.

5. InstaSize – Photo Editor & No Crop
With over 200 million downloads, premium picture filters, and advanced editing tools, InstaSize is one of the best professional picture editor, collage maker, and text editor. It doesn’t matter if you take a horizontal or vertical photo as this program lets you upload any photo to Instagram or other social media sites without having to crop it first. By using this no crop app for WhatsApp or Instagram, you can share your photos exactly the way they really look!


Personalize your photos with exclusive filters, effects, layers, and text.
Advanced picture and collage editing tools with AVA technology.
Easily create photo collages and layouts.
Crop photos to perfect proportions or use free-form tools.
Use the border to resize the image to fit Instagram and WhatsApp.
Save pictures and collages in high resolution.
Share your photos and collages to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and WhatsApp.
Fast, ad-free photo editing experience.
InstaSize is one of the best 5 No Crop Apps in 2018.

6. UnClip: No Crop & Square for Instagram
Being famous is one of the boxes we all want to uncheck and social media apps like Instagram plays a fundamental role in doing so. But, Instagram’s format crops the photos and it might leave the user yearning for more. I have created an application that will make Instagram users take a sigh of relief.

Known as Unclip, it lets you upload the uncropped photo on Instagram. It is effortless to do so. Unclip also offers a slew of features, like adding a blur border or colored background to your photos, which makes them square and Instagram ready.

The application is available for Android users and is free to download. Check out the main features of the app:


No Crop any picture shape.
Add blur backgrounds to your pictures.
Add colored backgrounds.
Pick a color from the image using a dropper tool.
Rotate or Zoom the image.
Share directly on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other platform.
UnClip: No Crop & Square for Instagram

So, here are 5 of the best no crop apps for Instagram and WhatsApp. All of these apps are great and offer a wide range of features, no matter which one you choose, you will like it. We hope that from the next time you start a new image or story, you won’t be bothered by its automatic cropping or any other issues.

What do you think about the above five no crop Instagram apps? Leave a message in the comment area to talk about your opinion.

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