[Houdini] Redshift Proxy File Instance

In this video I demonstrate how to convert a folder of .OBJ files into .RS files which can be rendered by the Redshift system. I demo a script which scans a folder looking for .OBJ files and creates a geometry node in the Houdini scene which references the item in the folder. A naming system is put in place which allows logical referencing of generated proxy files via simple VEX code. This system demonstrates how you can use one file type, .bgeo.sc, to drive the viewport display and another file type, .rs, for rendering.

The script also programs a python node inside each generated object to examine the referenced file for the existence of a @shop_materialpath. If there is no material, a place holder material is created and appropriate attributes are added to point the path to the new material. So the shelf tool creates a python node which it then programs with code that will run when the network is evaluated. When the python node runs it can extend it's own network by adding new nodes to itself to make sure materials are correctly referenced.

Get code here: