May 9, 2022

Chinese EV brand

Sinogold, a Chinese EV brand founded in 2016, submitted its application for national registration of a new EV model called Yuechi. Interestingly, the Yuechi model looks the same as Jetour X70, and only the front and back logos are adjusted into Sinogold. Here are two images from Yuechi and Jetour X70, and it’s tough to see the physical difference. Is Yuechi the old wine in a new bottle?

از نظر اندازه خودرو، Sinogold Yuechi از نظر طول، عرض و ارتفاع 4735/1890/1720 میلی‌متر و فاصله بین دو محور 2720 میلی‌متر است. این به عنوان یک SUV با اندازه متوسط ​​قرار می گیرد. Yuechi موتور ارائه شده توسط Chinaedrive را با حداکثر قدرت 125 کیلووات و حداکثر سرعت 140 کیلومتر در ساعت استفاده می کند و به باتری LFP Gotion مجهز است.

Sinogold bought the vehicle mold of Jetour X70 for Yuechi. Jetour is a brand established in 2018 by Chery Holding. It is trendy in Latin America. Jetour’s entire lineup should get a significant overhaul. So selling vehicle molds to Sinogold seems like the best option for Chery r

ight now.

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