December 24, 2020

How to fix Quicken error OL–294–A?

Quicken is the leading personal finance management tool developed by Intuit and is now taken over by HIG Capital. It is a well-known platform that helps users to manage budget and track investments. However, at times it shocks users with Quicken error OL–294–A, which occurs while updating the account using online services.

The primary reason for Quicken error code OL–294–A is that it is not getting proper server response. Sometimes, the problem also arises due to the bank server being down temporarily and not allowing it to connect. This guide covers all the possible causes and the steps to eliminate the issue to help you overcome this error.

What causes Quicken error OL–294–A?

The following reasons are the culprit that causes Quicken error code OL–294–A.

·         You might have entered incorrect or outdated account credentials.

·         There is a temporary server outage.

·         You are using an outdated Quicken application.

·         You have not connected the online services correctly.

Steps to fix Quicken error code OL–294–A

Step 1. Update quicken to the latest version

1.      Launch Quicken on your computer.

2.      Click the help tab.

3.      Go to check for updates.

4.      Click yes over the available update to install.

5.      If your Quicken is already updated, you will be notified of the new version's release.

Step 2. Refresh your online account on Quicken

1.  Open Quicken.

2.  Go to the accounts option on the left side.

3.  On the account register screen, click the gear icon with a drop-down arrow on the top right side.

4.  Now click update now.

5.  On the next screen, you will have to enter the vault or bank password.

6.   Next, click update now.

7.  If you are still facing the error code OL–294–A, update the accounts, proceed to the next step.

Step 3. Wait for 1 to 2 business days to get the problem automatically resolved

Sometimes, the problem automatically resolves after 24 to 48 business hours. Whatever changes you made in the above steps will take some time to reflect on the bank's server or website. Even after waiting for two days, if the problem doesn't resolve, then you can try the next steps for advanced troubleshooting.

Step 4. Verify your account details

1.    Launch Quicken.

2.    Click the Tools tab.

3.    Now hit the account list option.

4.    Click edit on the account that is creating the problem.

5.    Click the General tab and verify the account details such as account number, your customer ID, etc.

Step 5. Verify and update the account password

1. Ensure that your computer is connected to the stable internet and then launch Quicken.

2. Go to the Tools section and click the one-step update.

3. Checkmark the troubled account and ensure all other accounts are unchecked.

4. Now enter the password and click update now.

Step 6. Deactivate your account

If any of these five steps do not eliminate the issue, you must try deactivating your account. You need not afraid of losing your data due to deactivation. It's totally safe.

1.      To deactivate, firstly, click the Tools tab.

2.      Now click the account list.

3.      Next, you will have to click on the edit option adjacent to the account that creates trouble.

4.      Now you will have to choose the online services tab.

5.      After that, click the deactivate button.

6.      Now click yes to confirm this selection.

7.      Lastly, you have to click ok to save the settings and click Done to exit the screen.

Step 7. Reactivate the account that you have deactivated

After deactivating your account, you will have to reactivate it using the following steps.

1. Open Quicken on your computer.

2. Now you need to go to the tools section.

3. Click the add account option.

4. On the further screen, choose the account type like saving, current, checking, etc.

5. Now you will have to click the advanced tab situated at the bottom left corner.

6. Enter the name of your financial institution or bank and click next.

7. Choose the connection method and click next.

8. You will be prompted to enter the username and password, fill in the details, and click connect.

9. Now Quicken tries to establish a connection with the server to look up your bank account.

10. Once you see the list of accounts on your screen, then it's time to reactivate the accounts.

11. You don't have to add the accounts again. Instead, you will have to link it with an existing account in Quicken.

12.  Once done, click next.

13.  Now click Finish to exit the screen.

Step 8. Get in touch with your financial institution or bank

If you cannot resolve the Quicken update error OL–294–A, you must contact your bank to tell them the exact problem you face. High possibilities are that your bank is facing issues with troubled servers, or they have made some changes at their end.

Additionally, you can also contact our Quicken support experts to overcome the error code OL–294–A. We will provide you the best solutions to get accurate results.

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