December 12, 2020

How to resolve Quicken error CC-501?

Quicken is the best accounting software for users, which helps them manage the accounts & expenses. In simple words, Quicken is an all-rounder program for Windows or Mac users. Besides offering some great benefits, it can also undergo several issues. Of the most common problems that users generally report is Quicken error CC–501, which occurs due to multiple reasons. This article will explore all the reasons that cause Quicken error code CC-501 along with the decisive troubleshooting steps. Let's dive-in to get more details.

What causes Quicken error code CC-501?

The following are the most prevalent causes that result in Quicken error code CC–501. They are arranged based on how severely they contribute to error occurrence.

l The primary reason is your device is infected with the virus or malware.

l You might not have completed the proper installation of quicken software.

l You're not using the updated version of the Quicken application.

l You might have put an incorrect banking credential.

l Your system is not performing optimally, or it is not compatible to run Quicken.

l Your device is carrying an unwanted junk file that is leading to bad system performance.

Effective Remedy for Quicken error CC-501

Step 1. Install the trusted antivirus and scan your system

l Firstly, you will need to download and install the trusted antivirus software on your system.

l Run the antivirus scan to find out the infected or malicious files in your system.

l Additionally, you should scan your system regularly to keep it safe from harmful files.

Step 2. Alter the password with one step update settings

l This is one of the most significant steps to eliminate the Quicken CC – 501.

l First of all, you will have to open the Quicken application on your system.

l Now access each account that is facing the Quicken error code CC-501.

l After that, you will need to refresh the financial institution account settings.

l Select the account name and click the downward arrow.

l Further, you will need to click update to refresh the account settings.

l Now enter the Quicken credentials like ID and password.

l A new window appears with one step update settings.

l Select the option update now.

l Here you will need to change the password.

l Once you set up a new password, click ok.

Step 3. Deactivate and re-setup the account

l Here, you will have to open the Quicken application first.

l Now navigate to the options tool and select the account list.

l The account list appears on your screen, click edit adjacent to the account that is facing Quicken error code CC – 501.

l After that, you will have to click online services.

l The next step is to deactivate and then click yes to confirm the selection.

l After deactivating the account, go to the online setup tab.

l Click set up now.

l Further, click ok to confirm and select done.

l Now you will have to click on the validate file option and click ok to confirm.

l Now you will need to go back to the tools option and click the account list.

l Again select the account that is facing the Quicken error CC–501.

l Click online services and select set up now.

l Enter the bank's login credentials.

l Finally, click Connect to establish a connection with the server.

Step 4. Keep account details up-to-date

l Launch the Quicken application on your computer.

l Now open the register of the transaction, which is facing error CC–501.

l Head over to the gear icon, which is at the upper-right corner of the screen.

l Click the update now option.

l Now keep following the on-screen instructions to complete the update process.

l Once done, refresh Quicken and verify if the error CC–501 resolves.

Step 5. Update the account status online

l Once you open the Quicken application, click tools.

l Now select the online Centre.

l Under the transactions list, you can see the offending transactions.

l Click the listed transaction and cut it off.

l After that, you will need to proceed with an online update of your account.

l Now check your account and see if it has been flagged.

l If the flag is not there, then your account is error-free, or else you need to follow the next step.

Step 6. Reset the account credentials

l Resetting the account credentials like CC also resolves error code CC – 501.

l The first step is to go to the Tools section and choose the online Centre.

l Now open the recent CC credentials.

l You will see some on-screen instructions; keep following them to proceed with resetting the account credentials.

l After you complete the steps, relaunch quicken and login to your account.

l If unfortunately, the Quicken error code CC–501 does not resolve, then you will have to reinstall Quicken using the next steps.

Step 7. Reinstall the Quicken application

Before reinstalling the Quicken application, you must uninstall all the traces of Quicken from your system. The following steps will make you learn the reinstallation process from the very beginning.

l To uninstall Quicken from your system, here are the steps.

l Firstly, open the run dialogue box by pressing Windows + R keys.

l Once the run dialogue box opens, type appwiz.cpl and hit enter.

l A new window opens, here you will have to find the Quicken related files.

l Right-click on them and choose to uninstall.

l Scroll the list and verify that you have removed all the traces.

l Now navigate to the Quicken website and download the package.

l Go to the download section on your system,  find the Quicken installer, double-click over it, and click install.

l Wait for a few seconds and let the Quicken application to get fully installed on your system.

l Launch quicken, enter the account details, and see if these steps resolve Quicken error code CC – 501.

Let's conclude

You may use any of these methods to resolve Quicken error CC–501 capital one. However, if you still face the error in your Quicken software, you must contact Quicken support. We have a team of experts and technicians who can help you resolve any Quicken related error effectively and efficiently.

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