October 30, 2020

Ways to Fix Quicken Download Error 28

How can I Fix Quicken Download Error 28?

Quicken software is known to serve a wider audience in the USA to manage their personal and business finances. It records the cash flow in the form of online transactions and offline payments in order to maintain the desired budget. While performing an operation using Quicken accounting software, users face certain technical errors likeQuicken download error 28 that restricts them to perform the specific function. This hurdle obstructs their performance until the error is resolved.

Therefore, it becomes necessary for every user to understand what are the common causes of Quicken error 28 and how it can be resolved without any technical help.

This article will shed a light on the ways in which you can fix Quicken download error 28 or you can seek assistance from the Quicken customer support to get an instant resolution to this problem.

Major Causes that can lead to Quicken Download Error 28

l Due to corrupt information files used

l Due to incompatibility of the process related to Quicken software with your company

l Due to the use of an obsolete or incompatible version of Quicken software

Solutions to troubleshoot Quicken Error 28 like an Expert

Solution 1: Update the Quicken Software with the latest version

l Open the Quicken accounting software application on your machine

l After opening the application find ‘Check for Updates’ within the quicken section

l If Quicken an update is available, proceed to install the updated version

l If you are already using the updated version, skip to the next solution

Solution 2: Connect your Bank Account to the Quicken software

l In order to link your account, you can either use the ‘Add Account’ button or Choose ‘Fresh’ from the ‘Accounts’ section and choose the kind of account

l Enter your bank’s name in the textbox

l Click on the bank icon after you entered your bank’s name

l Enter the correct bank credentials of User ID and password and click on ‘Connect’ button

l After Quicken verifies the account with the bank it will show you the list of accounts, link the account you want to add

l Make sure to connect your account in place of including them

l Click on the ‘Continue’ option

Solution 3: Reactivating/Deactivating your account

l Visit the ‘Account’ list option and choose the account mentioned in the query

l Click on the ‘Settings’ button present on the bottom right side

l Navigate to the ‘Troubleshooting’ menu and click on ‘Deactivate Downloads’

l Use the same procedure mentioned above for other accounts linked to the similar bank

l Select ‘Configure transaction download’ after clicking on the ‘Settings’ button

l Add the name of the bank you want to link

l Enter the correct login credentials of username and password of your financial institution

l Choose ‘Direct Connect’ when asked about the connected Solution

l After Quicken verifies the account with the bank connect the account

l Click on the ‘Continue’ button


Following the aforementioned steps, you can easily perform elementary diagnosis and troubleshooting for Quicken Error 28. In case the problem persists you can contact an experienced Quicken technical support specialist using the Quicken Customer Support number which is 24/7 available for service and resolution of any type of Quicken issues that you may face. Our experts are capable enough to resolve Quicken download error 28 with utmost ease and less time.

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