August 20, 2020

Fix Quicken Error CC-502 easily and know why it’s caused!

Quicken Error CC-502 is one of the most common error faced by people during the process of updating their bank account into Quicken. There are a number of reasons as to why Quicken Error CC-502 occurs. Some of them are-

·  Bank Server issue

You are likely to face Quicken Error CC-502 if there is some problem from your bank’s end. They might be experiencing a temporary server lag which restricts Quicken from receiving information from the bank. In this case, it will display this error. All you can do it wait till your bank resolves their server problem.

·   Lack of transparency in online information

If the information provided by you does not match the real information then Quicken Error CC-502 will occur. Be very careful while entering the details and make sure it is in sync with the financial institution.

·   Out-dated version

If you have not updated Quicken with the latest available update then chances are in won’t be able to keep up with the bank. If the bank makes a change and quicken is unable to register it then it will show Quicken Error CC-502.

·    Virus attack

There is a high possibility that some virus have found their ways into your system and corrupted quicken. It is advised to keep your laptop/system junk free and run a virus scan on the whole system from time to time.

Ways to fix Quicken Error CC-502

You can use to following techniques to fix quicken if you are facing Quicken Error CC-502.

1.     Update Quicken

u Go to Help in Quicken and Check for updates

u Click on ‘Yes’ if you see updates and follow the process

u Restart your system after installing the updates

2.     Refresh the banking details

u Go to top left corner and select ‘Accounts’

u Choose the account you are facing issue with

u Click on ‘One step update’

u Once your details are updated, CC-502 Quicken error will disappear

u Follow the above steps in case you are facing the issue in multiple accounts

3.     Deactivate your account and validate files

u Select Accounts list from Tools

u Click on ‘Edit’ and then select the account  in which you are facing Quicken Error CC-502

u Go to ‘Online services’ and click on ‘Deactivate’

u After that you will be prompted to the tab which will display the option ‘Set up now’. You don’t have to click on that

u At the bottom right corner, you will find ‘Ok’. Click on it and then hit ‘Done’

u Close quicken and reopen it after few seconds

u Click on ‘File operations’ and select ‘Validate and Repair’

u A box will pop up with different options, uncheck all the boxes and just select ‘Validate file’ and hit ‘Ok’

u Once it is validated, re add the account by selecting ‘Account list’ from the tool bar

u Edit the account which we deactivated in the initial steps

u Inside the account details, go to ‘Online Services’ and choose ‘Set up now’

u You will see a screen with ‘Activate one step update’. Enter your details and connect your account. You might be asked to sign in again

u Make sure to link your account

u This should resolve Quicken Error CC-502

4.     Create a new quicken file as the last resort

u Go to Quicken, select ‘File’ and then click on ‘New Quicken File’

u Your screen will display 2 options, select ‘New quicken file’ from it and hit Ok

u You will be able to create a new account in the next screen

u Once you have signed up, fill in your details carefully and connect your account

u Select one step update and install updates, if any.

If you are still facing Quicken Error code CC-502 then you might want to get in touch with your bank and see if they are under some maintenance process.

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