July 14, 2020

CCNA Accreditation: Three Events To Reload Or Resume A Cisco Router User Interface

Passing the CCNA qualification exam means that you understand how to set up and also fix a Cisco router instead of utilizing what I call the "hope technique" - you recognize"

Let's refill the router and also really hope that deals with it." Most of Cisco router setups take effect without the demand for a reload, yet every now and then you just have to refill a router or shut as well as reopen a user interface. Allow's take a look at three such circumstances.

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The initial is when you transform an OSPF Router ID from its default. For the new FREE to work, you should either refill the router or clear the OSPF procedure, which means that all existing adjacencies will certainly boil down.

Cisco routers are kind sufficient to inform you this with the complying with message after you configure a brand-new RID: "Refill or use "clear ip ospf process" command, for this to take effect".

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In a previous tutorial, I revealed you just how to configure an Etherchannel. You need to place each port right into the Etherchannel with the channel-group command, as well as if you do so independently, some of the ports might go into error-disabled state, or "err-disable".