January 4, 2021

aol mail terms of service

aol mail terms of service If DownDetector doesn’t show problems with AOL, maybe your internet connection isn’t any good. Try going to speedtest.net and running a test. If your internet speed isn’t good, maybe you have a problem with your internet service. DownDetector can help you with that too– they may show your service provider having problems. As first steps, try unplugging the modem and router from power (don’t disconnect other cables, just unplug them from the wall), then replugging them, and finally try making a call to your internet service provider to see if they’re having a problem. While you’re calling, restart your Mac or iPhone and see what happens. Restarting fixes a lot of things.

AOL is aware of the problem and blames it on the "merger" with Verizon and Yahoo. However, they say they do not have a solution or a time frame when it will be fixed. For now, the above solves the issue.

numberforsupport Anyway, the problem I have always had, even before this issue, is that the communication between the AOL app and my AOL on the PC, using either Explorer or Firefox, has been that mail I deleted or read on the PC, for some reason passing understanding, would forever show up on the email/AOL on my iPhone and iPad. This has always been the case.