Writing Task 1

The chart illustrates investigation into tea and coffee consuming and drinking habits in five Australian cities for last month.

Overall, going to cafe for cup of tea or coffee is the most frequent habit, whereas making fresh coffee is the most less spreaded act. The average level of buying instant coffee stays around 50 percent.

The using of fresh coffee is less than consuming other two types of drinks by australians. Moreover, it's percentage is around 40 percent, whereas only 34 percent of both Brisbane and Adelaide civilians drink fresh coffee.

No less than about a half of people in given five sities buy instant coffee. Furthermore, exactly half of Adelaide's residents even buy it more frequently than going to a cafe. In addition, Hobart uses instant coffee more than other four cities.

The most common type of drinking coffee appears in cafe. Whereas only 49 percent of Adelaide's civilians go to cafe, the peak is in Melbourne - 63 percent. More than a half of residents of other cities also used to go for a cup of tea or coffee to cafe.