July 23, 2020

With the increased global demand in oil and gas, undiscovered areas of the world should be opened to access more resources. To what extent do you agree?

There is an opinion that asserts that untouched fossil reserves have to be exploited in order to satisfy current demand in oil and gas. I totally disagree with this, since it could cause unbearable problems with environment and agriculture, whereas economics would suffer from monopoly of oil and gas industries.

The primary problem is potential effect on environment caused by discovering new areas for fossil fuels. Even with current producing of oil and gas, we are destroying whole ecosystems and raising worldwide temperature. In other words, it would make "global warming problem" even more acute. Furthermore, mining unnecessary recources could destroy natural habitats of some species, thus causing total extinction of some of them. If we start this process, it will trigger chain of irreversible consequences for earth biosphere.

Another considerable concomitant of discovering fossil areas is decrease of land for agriculture. Without a doubt, subsistence is more important than energy produce. To illustrate, we are already in need of fertile soil in order to prevent starvation of more than seven billion people. Therefore, we can not afford wasting our precious land on mastering new sources of fossil fuels. Otherwise, a lot of people would starve, thus nobody even would be able to use possessed energy.

The last reason is that economics would lose balance, since supply would overwhelm demand. As a consequence, some currencies falls and world economics suffers from devastating crisis. Furthermore, if we had started mining more fossil fuels, oil companies would prevail over others which would cause "monopoly system". Finally, currencies would depreciate and numerous companies in energy industry would become bankrupts.

To conclude, if we want to prevent economic fall, worldwide starvation and destroying an whole biosphere, we should start to find other ways to create energy. For instance, nowadays there are new projects about renewable energy without any harm to environment and human beings.