November 1, 2019

Should you be Using Drupal or WordPress for blogging?

Nowadays, there are multiple content management platform are available which can help you to build an aesthetic website with great features and functionalities. WordPress and Drupal are the most preferred CMS among the available platforms. They are a flexible and reliable platform for building websites.  If you are a blogger or doing any business and planning to have your own website then you can go ahead with WordPress or Drupal. For WordPress Development Service, you can contact with any top-notch web development company.

Here Are The Few Reasons To Choose These Two Platforms.  


In terms of functionality, Drupal offers various functionalities to its users such as multilingual, configuration management, better support for accessibility. Drupal requires proficiency while using it. If you are developing a website using WordPress then it can be more beneficial to you. Because you can manage your website whenever you want.

How Flexible Are They?

WordPress and Drupal both platforms are very flexible to use. WordPress provides free and paid themes and plugins which you can use in web development. Drupal doesn’t have as many starter themes, but you can do custom web development. Drupal can also provide a similar scope of things that you can include in your website. But for that you required help from any web developer. Along with this, It has the ability to handle a lot of content and can be a better option for handling complex projects.

How Easy Are They to Use

You can manage your WordPress website because it doesn’t require any technical skills. It also guides its users to set up the site, choosing a basic design, and plugins as well. While in Drupal it will definitely help you with some coding structure. If you are aware of HTML, CSS, and PHP then you can easily able to code. Otherwise, there is chances to face problems. 

How Good Is The Security

Both platforms are open-source. Drupal provides better security and mostly adopted by organizations such as the government and many others. When the other side, WordPress is also secure platform and mostly used for building startups, eCommerce website and enterprise solutions.

As you can see, these are reasons for both platforms. They can be a better solution for web development which can help you to build a reliable websites.