February 7, 2020

Top JavaScript Frameworks to Use in 2020

In 2020 and years beyond, JavaScript becomes very popular among the web builders and picked by web and app development companies for building reliable web applications. But, choosing among them can be a challenging process for any web development project.

Here I am going to explain the top 3 JavaScript frameworks that can be used across a multitude of projects.


It is supported by Google, which is an open-source platform mostly used for building front-end web applications. It is based on MVC architecture and helps to build interactive SPA with effective features including two-way binding, modularization, and dependency injection.


1) Easy Testing & Directives:

If you are choosing Angular in that testing is extremely simple. Angular.js modules have various application parts that are easy to manipulate. And the directives allow developers to allocate special behaviors to the document object model.

2) Two-way data-binding:

AngularJS is based on Model-view-controller architecture. The two-way data binding will helps the developer to reduce web development time. As it doesn’t require writing additional code to offer constant view and model synchronization.

3) Community:

From the past few years, Angular has gained immense popularity across the developers. The large community of Angular provides enough training materials and third-party tools to find an appropriate solution to each arising issue.


React is a framework which is maintained by Facebook. It is the open-source JavaScript library used for building interactive user interfaces. It is declarative and highly flexible for developing simple and scalable front-end web applications. With react, you can build interactive and engaging applications.


1) Virtual DOM

It is a representation of the original DOM object. It works as a one-way data binding. Whenever you have done any modification in the web application, the entire UI is re-rendered in virtual DOM representation. It will compare the previous DOM representation and new DOM. Once it is done, the real DOM will be updated automatically.

2) One-way Data Binding

The React is designed in that manner which follows one-way data binding. It will give you better control throughout the application. If the data flow is another direction then you will require additional features.

3) Simplicity

ReactJS is a component-based approach in which you can reuse the code as per your requirement. It also supports the JSX file which will help to make simple applications. It is easy to learn and simple to use compared to other JavaScript frameworks.

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Definitely, these both JavaScript frameworks that you can use for building large scale and scalable websites. If you are looking to build any web application using these frameworks then you can consult with any top-notch Angular Development Company. Thanks for reading.