March 15, 2019

Instructions for the project WOToken (with ref)

1. Download the application on the phone.

2. After opening from an iPhone, a warning message about an unreliable developer will appear, in order to remove it, go in your iPhone in the Settings / General / Device Management / Silver webbuzz / wo token section and click "trust"

3. Go to the application and enter the data for registration

-Attention! You first select the country that includes your phone number code. (for example, for +7 Russia)

- And then you enter your phone number without +7! Click "Get code" to get your SMS with the code that you enter below.

- Enter the password to login and confirm it

- Enter the payment password for the withdrawal of money and confirm it

- Attention IMPORTANT! In the invitation code field, enter the code: awJMRxtyf7 and click "Confirm"

4. Write 10 mnemonic words to restore your wallet!

- then you will be asked to enter them for verification, do this and click "Confirm"

5. Next, write the private key to access the wallet and go on.

6. Now you can start using the application. You will find a list of all digital assets in the "Asset" tab. To create a wallet, click on your chosen cryptocurrency.

- If you want to create a BTC wallet, click “BTC”, enter “BTC” in the field and click “Confirm”

- Click on "deposit" to replenish the wallet

- we send our bitcoins to the specified address

- When bitcoins appear on the balance, go to the tab "Apollo" and click on the green button "IN"

- Enter the amount you want to send to work, enter the payment password and click "Confirm"

- After adding the amount, move the slider in the upper right corner to the right.

Your daily profit will be credited to the WOR token and will be shown on the “Asset” tab. You can click “Change” to convert them to other cryptocurrencies for withdrawal.