Why python is a better choice?

There is numerous development in technologies from a certain period of time. As technology is evolving at rapid everything changing and emerging from time to time. Out of many software technologies present in the market like java C/C++, python is also collaborating into this in a fast phase. According to statistics, python is more opted for language for beginners due to the following reasons as mentioned below.

Many of the programming languages present in the market require some technical knowledge from related background to grasp and explore as the programming developers. But when it comes to python the whole scenario changes because it is an easy programming language that can be chosen even by the newbie who is entirely different from the technical background can also learn python because of its open-source which makes it easy and powerful.

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It has clear and readable syntax so that everyone can learn the language easily in an understanding manner unlike java/C, C++ which takes more time and difficult to understand as compared. Moreover, by learning python we can make progress in a step by step procedure in a quick way. It has been progressing from scratch to top and never thinks of settling down in the future as well making it a versatile language.

Python has widely available resources which can be taught in different platforms like online, offline, tutorials, sites, because of its vast available sources makes it easy to select the required platforms. Python has a supportive community that provides assistance to different queries made on it and helps them to correct accordingly.

A non-technical background people fear coding when they hear about any programming language which is not true. In the case of python, it uses language with easy constructs, the easy syntax to understand and perform operations. Python constructs are more like the English language which is easy to understand and develop.

Python is used in machine language, artificial intelligence, data science which are the advancement technologies that use python. So by learning python one can have a glorious future in the above technologies. A lot of programming & mathematics are used in machine language in an easy format.

It takes 5-6 months for a person to learn and acquire knowledge in python. However, if you focus more and spend 5-6hours a day it takes 1 month to learn basics like strings, loops and takes 3-4 months to get the required amount of knowledge in python.
Python developer has good scope in the future, from the beginning of the stage python enormously keeps on improving & developing itself to the best. It has overtaken java, C++ and emerging as the most opted programming language in recent times which is a good sign.

Python's vast library helps us to develop the content in various other fields because of its simple and consistent syntax. People showing more interest in python as compared to other programming languages.

Python is vast in the library, object-oriented, scripted language, easy to program, in backend language. It is used many big technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, web development, web scripting, soft computing, and ethical hacking as well.
Python is familiar for machine learning because of its compactness and expressiveness allowing developers to write & fast and code. Unlike Java and C/C++. Python's future scope is can also be calculated by the big technologies that evolve and grown drastically.
Python is in high demand in recent times because of many things that are interlinked with python making it a strong foundation.

Different applications like software development applications, graphic user interface, network programming, games, business applications, scientific and numeric applications, 3d applications all are developed by using python. Python programmer makes a salary of $110,021 per annum which is a quite good thing.

Despite other languages that are present in the market, python is way easy and simple to learn. It is cost-free and available in abundance as open-source. it is portable and easy to operate. It also supports different paradigms and is used in many other technologies.python has a scope for the future which is extendable and can be designed to allow other programs.

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By learning and mastering python to the fullest one can find ways of using it in different parameters of life such as:

Researcher: One can become a researcher in python by the vast experience gained in python and can conduct and co-ordinate on the emphasis of its features.
Senior software engineer: By gaining experience in it, one can grab the position of senior engineer in python.

Research assistant: By joining under the researcher as an assistant, one can learn many things and can go to the next level.
Software developer: One can work on software applications and web development for all-round development.

Graduate research assistant: By the academic prolific excellence, one can get the opportunity to work as a graduate researcher.

Software engineering internship: One can join in an internship and start working while continuing the academic period.

Developer: One can become a developer by learning to code and mastering it.

Web developer: One can develop the web site and make necessary changes wherever possible In user- interface.

Quality assurance engineer: One can check and control the quality of work and reduce the omissions that occur.

Software engineer: One can get into it acquiring the required knowledge and can work as a software engineer in the industry.

So by choosing python as a career one has many opportunities to reach their destination in this fast-growing technical world. Hence it is best for students, non-tech background people or newbies to learn python language which has all requirements and it is best for any beginner to start up his/her career in a programming language.