May 8, 2020

Analytics, Intelligence, and Reporting in Servicenow

Optimize processes and increase productivity with Performance Analytics, virtual agents, and machine learning.

The Analytics, Intelligence, and Reporting products help provide many different kinds of data to many different kinds of users. Listen to the Story of the Four Stakeholders, which describes the kinds of data different people in your organization might want to see.

Get the insights you need

The Analytics, Intelligence, and Reporting products can help you to lower costs and increase productivity through process improvement, self-service, and automation. Service owners can deliver and refine AI capabilities quickly, gaining greater insight into real-time patterns and trends for service delivery teams.

This information enables you to make better, faster decisions—without the need for data science expertise. For more info Servicenow Training

Performance Analytics:

Performance Analytics

enables businesses to set, track, and analyze progress against goals. The products helps you improve performance and accelerate continual service improvement by:

  • Tracking critical process metrics and trends.
  • Measuring process health and behavior against organizational targets.
  • Identifying process patterns and potential bottlenecks before they occur.
  • Continually visualizing the health of processes through both historical and real-time statistics in role-based dashboards, so you and your business can make informed decisions.


Spotlight illuminates records that otherwise you might overlook due to evaluating only one aspect of given records. You can define weighted criteria to identify and rank records that require attention, such as when triaging incidents or performing lead scoring. You can rank records based on multiple dimensions, instead of by a single field value such as priority. While most organizations address high-priority items in a timely manner, lower priority items sometimes are not addressed for an extended period of time. Spotlight helps you focus on items based on business need. learn more from Servicenow Developer Training

Virtual Agent:

Implementing a virtual agent to handle common requests and tasks enables your users to get immediate help, day or night. Providing your virtual agent on channels familiar to your users, such as third-party messaging apps, to offer a convenient way for them to contact you. A virtual agent can also offer personalized customer experiences by applying and remembering user information during the conversation.

Natural Language Understanding:

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) provides an NLU model builder and an NLU inference service that enable the system to learn and respond to human-expressed intent. By entering natural language examples into the system, you help it evaluate word meanings and contexts so it can infer user or system actions.

Predictive Intelligence

Predictive Intelligence uses machine learning to shorten triage and categorization time, contributing to higher customer satisfaction. Pinpoint issues and deliver actionable insights to get service owners and agents to faster resolutions.

Get started

  • Attend the "Getting Started with Performance Analytics" webinar to learn how you can improve performance by visualizing critical metrics and trends. Discover how you can use Performance Analytics to get real-time insight into influential factors in each stage of your service to help you meet and exceed your business goals.
  • For information about free classes, office hours, and other Performance Analytics resources. For more depth knowledge, enroll for Servicenow Online Training
  • Pre-packaged Analytics and Reporting Solutions are available to integrate Analytics, Intelligence, and Reporting tools with your ITSM, CSM, or HR ServiceNow products.