July 31, 2020

ONPASSIVE: Tech wizard of the future

ONPASSIVE: Tech wizard of the future

A lot of business opportunities emerge with the development of technology and other aspects of the market. Many businesses flourish based on their initial stages with the required amount of clients and by focusing on keeping up their service goals. With the increase in the number of business opportunities, it is hard to gain a competitive edge in the industry. With many technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and nanotechnology are influencing many businesses to adopt innovations to enhance their business activities.

ONPASSIVE is one such platform that offers seamless AI-powered solutions to businesses that are looking to gain a competitive edge.

What is ONPASSIVE - GoFounders?

ONPASSIVE is an I.T. company that specializes in providing extensive AI-powered business solutions, and it is a profound A.I. business platform that is equipped with automated tools to helps businesses achieve their goals.

This business solution offered by ONPASSIVE will provide massive advantages for building any business's financial portfolio.

GoFounders is a platform built to assist businesses in today's digital world, founders who join GoFounders are exposed to vast opportunities and bring radical changes in the world of business with ONPASSIVE. GoFounder's mission is to put an accessible and affordable business service in the hands of every business owner on earth. Don't just dream about success. Act on it by joining us now.

GoFounders is a huge network of successful and ambitious business leaders to create globally recognizable businesses that will change the lives of millions.

The organization is a profound business prospect and serves as a golden opportunity to its founders. As an associated founder, you can create a business based on an exceptional opportunity and convert the enterprise into a ground-breaking platform.

Founder of ONPASSIVE - Ash Mufareh

Ash Mufareh, is a founder, CEO of ONPASSIVE & GoFounders - two organizations built to help businesses survive in the rapidly evolving digital world. The product is not only set to revolutionize the way of the digital world but also makes every business be a pioneer in the technological world.

Mr Ash Mufareh has implemented innovative concepts in the product so that online businesses benefit from the growth of their company. He built the company intending to help the companies to achieve their desired growth plan without any hindrances. He is one of the successful U.S. entrepreneurs who is helping businesses utilize A.I. tools. He also founded GoFounders, which helps in the development of the company by building a strong team that can help the motive of ONPASSIVE and benefit from it along the way.

How ONPASSIVE is a tech Wizard?

A technical working hub - ONPASSIVE works on offering a lucrative AI-powered platform to businesses who aim at being successful. And also help with their growth and future endeavours of business with the help of futuristic development strategies.

ONPASSIVE aims at bringing novel methods of business automation and provide a platform that helps people with hundreds of business opportunities to mark their presence in the business network. Understanding the dynamic business world, ONPASSIVE provides a complete solution for business to compete with the challenges arising in the market.

ONPASSIVE is on a mission to create a long-term destination for online businesses and to build a roadmap for winning together. At present, ONPASSIVE is on the verge of introducing revolutionized A.I. tools which includes marketing, automated business strategies, building smarter interaction with the customers.

ONPASSIVE is now one of the leading digital marketing companies in India where GoFounders at Florida oversees the operations of ONPASSIVE in building the best business model to meet our Founder’s needs. For more information on ONPASSIVE, read ONPASSIVE Reviews by visiting ONPASSIVE Twitter.

With the rapid advancement in technologies, we can see how competitive the world is becoming, and it is difficult for a new business to participate in the pre-existing competition quickly. Therefore, ONPASSIVE helps these kinds of business the push they need to blend in with large businesses and gain their competitive edge along the way.

ONPASSIVE Compensation Plan Breakdown

The ONPASSIVE compensation plan is a well-structured 3X10 matrix system.

The whole matrix is expected to be filled with just one few years, and you would start earning in no time.

ONPASSIVE compensation plan offers a cumulative earning out of each package you purchased at each level.

The four packages offered by ONPASSIVE are:

●     AFFILIATE ($25)

●     PRO ($125)

●     LEADER ($250)

●     MASTER ($500)

According to the compensation packages, the earning would be the sum of each level. If you purchase a higher package, then you can receive a cumulative amount at each level for all the above packages.

To gain maximum benefits, you can buy a higher package and make more from your business with ONPASSIVE. Read more about ONPASSIVE reviews and compensation plan here.

Filling up the matrix system will be so easy, as many people are storming into ONPASSIVE to experience the modern marketing system that is fueled by artificial intelligence.

ONPASSIVE AI technology has changed the market scenario completely, and you can efficiently improve the business cycle.


With the help of the platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, founders can utilize the tools to build a team and achieve bigger financial business targets effortlessly. With Business Automation, we won't be replacing staff, but enable them to make more, and provide efficient and reliable work in value-maximizing ways.

ONPASSIVE is the tech wizard of future providing self-optimizing business campaigns across various channels and designs a holistic cross-channel approach and execution.

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