March 17, 2021

Finding Real Deal Graphic Design Services

These days, there are many graphic designers offering services online. Maybe too many. This article covers some useful needs of graphic designers and what to look for when requesting a logo design, brochure design, or any of the myriad reasons to request a graphic design service for your business or organization's imaging needs.

Graphic design services these days (like any service these days) have been in decline for some time now (in this designer's opinion). Take logos, for example. I can't tell you how many logos I see out there with a swoosh or graphic that seems to slide my finger and shoot as if orbiting the text that makes up the logo. I'd like to tell you that the designers who created thousands of swoosh logos used this design staple because it was the best solution for their client. I can only hear them say that this simple element is truly a complex and developed "less is more" approach to their clients' design and that it is worth every drop of the hundreds of dollars they are charging for it. I'd like to tell you that, but unfortunately, that's not the case.

I'm not saying that if you have a swoosh on your logo then you were scammed by a fake graphic designer looking to make a quick buck with a simple design that gets his attention. In fact, I've even used a swoosh or two in my designs (although usually at the request of my client and certainly not as the only element in the design). What I'm saying is that when you look at how many logos include this swoosh graphic element, it becomes quite obvious that many graphic design sources these days are just trying to fill their orders as quickly as possible without really thinking about the design purpose and needs. the client. It is sad but true that most businesses of any kind today focus more on looking like a business than being a business. How many times have you asked for something only to find out later it was just a gimmick designed to get the sale?

So how do you know if you are hiring a real graphic designer focused on doing real design work and not just one of the many imposters trying to look like they are wasting time and thinking that their design is paying them good money? for? A good starting point is the facts.

When you're online looking for a graphic designer, do some reading. They should have an information page, a resume, or some type of credential available on their website. If not, it is time to leave that website. I don't recommend testimonials because these days there is no way to verify where these wonderful comments are coming from. Stick to facts and information that can be verified if necessary. If you're paying hundreds of dollars or more for design services, you'd better see a few years of experience on that designer's resume. Where did they get their education and really specialize in Graphic Design? What is your employment history like? Have you really been a graphic designer for all the jobs on your resume? It's worth doing a little research because you will probably need more design work in the future and wouldn't it be great to have a designer you can trust?

Take a look at their portfolio of designs below. Do the designs resemble each other? Maybe the elements of the designs look different (because they are for different companies) but are they all organized in the same way with the same type of type used? Are they just putting swooshes on everything? If so, you are most likely on the site of one of the imposters who use visual tricks to surprise their customers and get the sale.

Be wary of graphic design websites that offer promises that are too good to be true if something sounds too good to be true. If they say that countless designers will work on your project, then chances are you're either never directly speaking to those designers, or paying for countless designers, or just using visual tricks to sell the design so they can move on. to the next customer as quickly as possible.