What is the MP3 file extension and how to open them?

MP3 files are audio files that are used all over the world. MP3 stands for “MPEG Audio Layer 3” and is used to store audio by compressing its size and thus making it easier to download from the internet. MP3 files are used to play audio files on iPods, phones, PC and MP3 players. If we compare CD and MP3 files, we can say that one minute of data approximately takes 10 MB disc space in CD, on the other hand, it only takes 1 MB of space with MP3. MP3 helps you preserve the original sound quality while compressing the file size and we can say that it provides nearly as CD audio quality. The audio quality depends on the bit rate used for compression and the common bit rate is 128, 160, 192, and 256 kbps. High bit rate means good sound quality and more disk space.

When you compress audio files in MP3 it can cause some data loss but it is not noticeable to a normal person. Now let’s talk about how we can open a file with the MP3 file extension.

How to open the MP3 file?

You will find that all audio playback applications are able to open MP3 files because it is a widely used audio file format. In Windows and MACOS there are applications that can open MP3 files out of the box. In Windows, you can find Media Player and in MACOS you can play MP3 audio through iTunes. You just need to double click on the audio file to open it with the default audio player. If you want other audio players that can open the MP3 file then here is the list.

1.       Windows- Microsoft Windows Media Player, VLC media player, Adobe Audition CC 2019, Roxio Creator NXT Pro 7, Nullsoft Winamp.

2.       Mac- Apple iTunes, VLC media player, Eltima Elmedia Player, Roxio Toast 18.

3.       IOS- Apple Music, VLC for mobile, olimsoft OPlayer.

4.       Android- antvplayer Media Converter, VLC for mobile, File Viewer for Android.


We hope this article provided you a complete guide on MP3 and if you want to download the above mentioned audio player you can visit the Play Store on your phone or can download them directly from the internet. If you have any doubt please mention them in the comment section.

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