Oracle Fusion HCM Interview Questions & Answers 2020 | Top 50 Fusion Interview Questions & Answers 2020

Oracle Fusion HCM Interview Questions (Top 50)

Q1. What is Functional Setup Manager in Oracle Fusion HCM ?

FSM is the core component of oracle fusion applications which allows administrator / developers to manage application offerings.And it is used to manage the implementation projects and tasks. With FSM, we can configure applications to match our business needs, implement requirements and enter export-import functional setup data between different instances.

Q2. Can you change the person number all the time in Oracle Fusion HCM ?

So the answer is no, you can change the person number only if your enterprise Person Number Generation Method is Manual. And if it is Automatic, you won't be able to change the person number.

Q3. What is LDG in Oracle Fusion ?

LDG means Legislative Data Group. LDG are means of partitioning payroll and related data. At least one data group is required for each country where your enterprise operates. Each Legislative data group is associated with one or more Payroll Statutory Unit.

Q4. How to implement Core HR setup in Fusion HCM ?

Please find the detailed steps to implement core HR setup in this article

Q5. What do you understand by Reference Data Sharing (RDS) ?

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