April 15, 2020

Fallout 76 FPS and Performance Fix

Instructions for Fallout 76 FPS and Performance Fix!
Created by: SiTheHandsomeGuy
Version 0.1

1. Goto - This PC > Documents > My Games > Fallout76

2. Open the Fallout76Prefs.ini file

3. Scroll down and find the [TerrainManager]

4. Replace these variables:

fBlockLevel0Distance=1500.0000 -> fBlockLevel0Distance=750.0000
fBlockLevel1Distance=2500.0000 -> fBlockLevel1Distance=1500.0000
fBlockLevel2Distance=7500.0000 -> fBlockLevel2Distance=4000.0000
fBlockMaximumDistance=15000.0000 -> fBlockMaximumDistance=8000.0000
fTreeLoadDistance=2000.0000 -> fTreeLoadDistance=1000.0000

5. Now scroll up and find the [Display] tab

6. Go down and find change these variables:

fShadowDistance=30000.0000 -> fShadowDistance=15000.0000
fDirShadowDistance=30000.0000 -> fDirShadowDistance=15000.0000


Only do this if you have a NVIDIA Graphics Card:

6a. While still in the [Display] tab, replace this variable:

iPresentInterval=1 -> iPresentInterval=0

6b. Now exit Fallout76Prefs.ini and open your NVIDIA Control Panel
(Right-Click your desktop and find the NVIDIA Control Panel)

6c. In 3D Settings go to > Manage 3D settings > I would like to use the following 3D settings: > Program Settings

6d. Under 'Select a program to customize:' find Fallout 76(fallout76.exe)

6e. In '2. Select the preferred graphics processor for this program:' change this:

[Use global setting(Auto-select: NVIDIA GPU)] -> [High-performance NVIDIA processor]

6f. Now go through '3. Specify the settings for this program:' and select 'Vertical sync'

6g. Change this:

Vertical sync [Use global setting(Use the 3D application setting)] -> Vertical sync [Off]

(((While you are in the NVIDIA Control Panel you might as well go through this list
and try your best to set all the settings to high-performance. If you don't know
what some things are/do, look below the list and find 'Description:' and
'Typical use scenarios:'. This will tell you what that certain setting does, and
the examples on how to use them.)))

6h. When you are finished making your changes, click [Apply] in the bottom right, and wait for it to load.

6i. Close the NVIDIA Control Panel


7. Now exit Fallout76Prefs.ini and you are good to go! This should give you at least 10-15 added frames. Enjoy!