May 6, 2020

Google Maps — Millions of New Clients

Google Maps — Millions of New Clients

There are numerous organizations on google maps. It’s possibly the most important hub of all types of businesses around the world as all online/offline businesses extraordinarily interested in being listed on google. Advertising researchers and commercial enterprise owners use the data from the maps to locate new enterprise prospects. It’s possible to filter certain corporations in unique locations like “restaurants, Brooklyn, U. S. A.” and to touch every company to provide a few splendid offerings.

Speeding up the extraction process

There is a great way to automate this process by using Google Maps extractor. With this tool, it’s possible to get the list of businesses even from the whole country. Moreover, this extractor goes to every business site and looks for additional contact data like emails, social links, and so on.

What you’ll need

  1. Sign Up to OutScraper App.
  2. Open Google Maps data extractor and select categories with locations.

3. Check additional options and start an extraction.

4. You will be proposed to check a few queries once you clicked the button. Open a few queries and make sure that it is shown correctly on Google Maps.

5. After the extraction task is finished you will receive an email with the results. Open tasks page to check the progress.

6. Download the results file.

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