June 10, 2021

What are the most Skill Shortages in Ireland?

Is one among your goals for this year to study abroad in Ireland? Maybe it had been to upskill to manoeuvre to a far off country or return to education? I recently attended the launch of the National Skills Bulletin for 2019 hosted by SOLAS where the main target was on the talents shortages faced by Irish workforce and therefore the driving forces behind them. So many of times students wonder what it's that they ought to study, so i assumed its best if I share what I learnt in order that you'll make informed decisions when choosing your field to study. Whilst there's a shortage of skills across most sectors within the Irish economy, there are a couple of niche areas that are struggling to seek out expert talent. the most skills shortages and opportunities for employment are in:

Tech & IT

Over the past 5 years, Ireland has seen a robust growth during this sector driven by the demand for programmers and technicians. Currently there's continuing demand for software engineers and designers also as data technicians, while new opportunities are arising in Machine Learning and AI.

Science & Engineering

Irish pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries are booming across the country and there's a robust demand for areas like QC & QA, R&D, Regulatory Affairs and Manufacturing Technology Transfer. The Engineering industry is booming and there's an enormous demand for Ireland’s premium talent with sector-specific experience.


Ireland is currently seeing a shortage across all financial-economic sectors. Demand is being driven thanks to replacement demand alone. Brexit has also been found to be the explanation for many global financial institutions moving their EU headquarters to Dublin from the United Kingdom. Financial institutions like these also are trying to find candidates with transferable skills to fill the gaps within the market. With the increase in technological advancements, it’s important those working within the area still upskill so as to take care of a competitive advantage.


The most growth within the healthcare sector is primarily thanks to factors associated with Ireland’s growing population. there's a requirement across the board, however, the most skills shortages are for those in highly skilled roles like doctors, nurses and radiographers.


The government’s current Climate Action Plan combined with Project Ireland 2040, alongside other factors, will still lead a high demand across the development trade.

Emigration has contributed to a skills shortage from top-level to junior graduate level. Upskilling are going to be required across the areas of technology and green technology with attention on sustainability alongside health and safety. Know more about all these factors by visiting us at Study Smart