High-Quality Personalized Baby Gifts

Looking to purchase high-quality, thoughtful and affordable gifts for your child? Then visit Oy Toys for personalized baby gifts, top-quality toys, and so much more. We offer a wide range of amazing gifts that will help not only your baby celebrate a new life but also help children learn and get creative! Here at Oy Toys, we take pride in the quality of our products that will match your needs. You will know you made a good choice when you see how your baby’s face will light up when they get their gift! Not only do we offer a wide variety of toys, we also provide baby Jewish books, puzzles, games and more that help to improve your child’s knowledge.

Learn about some of our favorite products below!

My [Mini] Aleph Bet Coloring Book

Product URL: http://www.oytoys.com/My-Mini-Aleph-Bet-Coloring-Book-p/9781889655048.htm



Check out this Aleph Bet Coloring Book! Kids ranging from ages 4-8 absolutely love this! This book is helpful for learning new words and the entire alphabet with ease! This book is made thoughtfully into its mini size so that it can fit in your pocket and be taken anywhere! For $1.50 everyone will be happy! Compoz-A-Puzzle 12 pc Blue

Product URL: http://www.oytoys.com/Compoz-A-Puzzle-12-pc-Blue-p/58912b.htm

Purchase this Compoz-A-Puzzle that your child can get creative with! For only $ 0.94 you get a forever lasting memory!  This puzzle creates fun for not only your child but also for the whole family. Decorate it and have the whole family put it together!

Personalized Froggy Blankies 

Product URL: http://www.oytoys.com/Personalized-Froggy-Blankies-p/fb-1101.htm

The Personalized Froggy Blankies are incredibly soothing cloths that your baby will just adore.  With its’ calming touch they will feel at ease when going down for a nap or bedtime! Not only is it soothing, but it can be personalized! At only $21.75 this is an amazing gift!

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