January 21, 2020

Mobile Dent Removal

The traditional process for getting dents repaired usually starts with figuring out how you will get back to work or back home after you drop your car off at the auto body shop. You then have to work out alternative travel arrangements so you can get around while the dents are being repaired. This could be anything from a few days to a week or even longer.

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Mobile dent removal services offer something completely different. You don’t need to bring your car anywhere since the dent repair technician will come to you with all the tools, materials, and equipment they need to complete the job.

Furthermore, most dents can be repaired in a single visit.

In other words, while getting dents in your car is a pain, getting them repaired doesn’t have to be.

That said, how is mobile dent removal even possible? After all, if you bring your car to an auto body shop, they almost always keep it at least overnight, if not for a lot longer. How can a technician in a truck travel to you and finish the job so quickly?

Paintless Dent Repair Is the Key to a Mobile Service

If it wasn’t for paintless dent removal techniques, it would be extremely difficult to offer mobile dent repair services. To understand this, you need to have a basic understanding of how a traditional auto body shop carries out repairs.

The repair processes used by traditional auto body shops are highly effective at repairing dents, but they also damage the paintwork in the process. As a result, the body shop needs to repaint the panel to complete the job. This is a highly time-consuming part of the work.

However, paintless dent removal techniques skip over this part altogether. Using specialist techniques and tools, a skilled technician is able to remove dents from a vehicle without damaging the paint.

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Crucially, the result is no different from the results auto body shops achieve. In other words, when you get mobile dent removal from a paintless dent repair expert, you can expect a perfect finish, with the panel of your car, 4x4, truck, or van restored to perfect condition again.

Other Important Things to Remember About Mobile Dent Removal

There is sometimes a misconception that paintless dent repair and/or mobile dent removal isn’t an option because of insurance coverage. This is not the case, however, as both are insurance company approved.

There is another key benefit too: You won’t get a Carfax report when your dents are repaired by a mobile paintless dent repair specialist like Pacific Coast Paintless Dent Removal. Contact us today to find out more.