August 24, 2020

5 Types of Wristwatch Packaging Boxes

Don’t make light of the packaging. In this era of intense commercial competition, good packaging makes a good product easier to stand out and have big impacts on the sales performance.

1. Plain Watch Boxes are of the lowest grade. They generally use cheap chipboard (or gray board) for main structure, with printed paper wrapping. The boxes simply perform the basic functions of protection, containment and message. There are no special requirements of quality. Such plain cardboard watch boxes are usually used for cheap and low-end watches. Minimized cost is of top priority.

2. Plastic Watch Gift Boxes. Plastic watch gift boxes can be further categorized into two types. One type of plastic watch boxes is made of all plastic with text and patterns printed. The other is plastic boxes covered with a layer of specialty paper, or four-color printed color paper, or PU leather. Most watches sold by conventional retail watch stores go with such packaging boxes.

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3. Deluxe Cardboard/HDF Watch Gift Boxes. Such watch boxes are produced by professional packaging manufacturers as customized gift watch box! The cardboard watch boxes include: cardboard gift box covered with special paper, cardboard watch gift boxes covered with coated paper (with printing & matte laminating), and cardboard watch gift boxes wrapped with PU leather.

4. Solid Wood box. This style of packaging, generally applies to high-end markets, for original authentic luxury wrist watch brands. Its main material is precious solid wood, commonly known as deluxe wooden watch box.

5.Transparent Display Boxes. As the name suggests, such boxes are mainly for displaying in retail stores or at home, and are made of acrylic. The most important feature is transparent. They are perfect for displaying wrist watches’ appearance designs, allowing consumers to appreciate the watch’s style, colors etc. through the box.