Note that when installing the aerator tube to the oxygen cylinder or the aerator

When the fish pond is aerated, slot the bottom of the fish pond cement at a distance of 20 cm, then use steel bars as the frame, fix the aerator tube on the frame, connect the air duct, and then connect to the supporting aerator. Note that when installing the aerator tube to the oxygen cylinder or the aerator, it is necessary to divide the aerator tube into several equal parts with several three links, so that the air will be evenly discharged.

In the course of use, many farmers report that every time they catch fish, they will spend manpower to arrange the air tray. The surface of fish ponds and pipes used in fish ponds can be cleaned with steel wire balls. Aeration heads are micro-pores, generally in two forms, one is to directly pierce micro-needle holes on a soft plastic inflation tube, and the other is nanotubes.

When aeration is in the bottom of the fish pond, steel bars are used to make a disc, the aerator tube is evenly aquaculture aerator Manufacturers wound on the iron plate, and the air duct and aerator can be connected to work. Usually it needs to be replaced in one or two years, and the mesh hose usually needs to be replaced in two years. The aeration power is generally an air compression pump or a Roots blower or a vortex blower fixed on the central water surface of the pond ridge or erected at one end of the pond.

Because the difference is too large, the air output will be uneven. 3. 4. The bottom microporous aeration and oxygenation facilities are driven by oxygenation power. The power configuration depends on the pond area and the length of the main and inflatable tubes. Easy to block, short service life, and easy to form scale during long-term use, mainly caused by calcium carbonate precipitation to block the microporous tube.

The emergence and use of aquatic aerators are more and more recognized and accepted by the public, the installation method of underwater nano aerators. The main tube is composed of an inflation tube. The installation is troublesome, and the fishing net is cumbersome. The installation process Never enter the middle aerator tube.