February 25, 2021

Paid Sub Bot // Manual

Link: here

This unique Telegram bot-constructor is a service for automating paid subscriptions to private channels and chats.

With the help of PaidSubbot, you can create your own bot that will help you to monetize you audience and earn on subscriptions in your channels or groups as a administrator, or you can pay for interesting content - subscriptions to other channels and groups.

Working with PaidSubBot for the first time!

Enter @paidsubbot in the search bar in Telegram messenger and click the "Run" button.

Or you can this link: here

After launching the bot, select the language. In this case it is "Russian"


Now let's create a Telegram bot for making money on subscriptions.

To do this, click "🤖My bots" button, then "➕ Create bot"

After that you will see the detailed instructions on how to create a bot.

The first step - follow the link in @BotFather and launch it by clicking the "Start" button or write the command /start in the chat.

After that you will get a list of commands, you will need to click on /newbot from the list or write it to the chat.

Now create the name for your telegram bot.

The name must end with “bot” and be written with @

e.g. @iusertest_bot

Copy your token as shown in the screenshot above.

Example: 1528694355: AAF-KdMSOWbmWIsLHLtSssTvDJAfP9vxUVI

Then go back to PaidSub bot and paste the token copied earlier, click "Send"

Your bot has been created!

Now you will need to customize it. Click "Manage bot" and go to the created bot.

In the PaidSub bot, you can create your own channel or chat subscription or buy and renew your subscription to the other channels or chats you need.

Let’s look at the example:

If you are a channel or chat administrator -

In order to create your subscription, you need to go to the bot you created and click the "Administration" button.

As a first step - add your channel or chat to the bot by clicking on the "Groups / Channels" button and select

If you have a Group, then click the "Add Group" button and you will get detailed instructions for adding a bot.

Copy the name of the bot and add it to the group where you are the Administrator.

Then you will need to make a bot a group administrator

Set the rights for 'Invitation Links', 'Block Members' and 'Edit Group Profile'

Then send the message / chatID to your group and copy the ID you received

Paste the ID into the bot you created and click “Send”, after that you should have successfully added your group.

Then you will need to create the desired subscription tariff. Сlick again the "Administration" button ➡ "Tariffs" ➡ "Add tariff"

Write the name of the Tariff and set the price for the subscription.

Then you will need to set the duration of the tariff in days.

Check out the subscription tariff and if everything is correct - click "ready”.

The Channel tariff is successfully created!

You can additionally go back to "Tariffs" and add a detailed description of your tariff.

Now you need to click on the name of the tariff and go to the "Connected resources"

Then click on the previously added channel or chat so that "Check" sign appears.

All is set! You have successfully set up a subscription to your channel or chat.

Now, the future subscribers can pay for access to your Telegram chat or channel, just send them the bot you created. Advertise your link and sign-up new group members!

* Additionally, you can use / configure other functions of the bot:

- Subscribe a person to your channel for free

- Remove a subscription from a person

- Renew a subscription

- View full list of subscribers

- Set up mailing list

- View statistics

- On / Off notifications

To withdraw the earned funds, go to the PaidSub bot> click on the “Balance” button> Withdraw (Withdrawal is possible from 10 TON Crystal)