January 28, 2020

What is IUI Treatment Procedure in India?

Not all women will find it easy to get pregnant, but there are treatments available to help them succeed. Apart from IVF (in-vitro fertiliaation), there is IUI treatment in India. It stands for ‘intrauterine insemination’ and it is the fertility treatment that places sperm inside the uterus to induce fertilisation, with the goal of introducing a larger number of sperm that can go to the fallopian tubes. This way, the chance of fertilisation is higher, as it gives sperm the advantage of a head start. However, the sperm still needs to be able to reach and fertilise an egg by itself.


To begin IUI treatment in India, medications may be prescribed by the gynaecologist or fertility doctor to stimulate ovulation. The woman will be carefully monitored to determine when the eggs mature, as IUI will only be conducted during ovulation, usually around 24 to 36 hours after there is an increase in the LH hormone, a sign that ovulation is about to occur. The semen sample will be prepared in a lab to separate the seminal fluid, and a catheter will be administered to insert the sperm directly into the uterus. The entire procedure will take only a few minutes with minimal discomfort.


IUI treatment in India is popular because it is less invasive and costs less when compared to IVF. It is administered usually because of decreased sperm mobility or low sperm count, but it may also be a fertility treatment when there are conditions such as unexplained infertility, cervical scar tissue, cervical mucus issues, and ejaculation dysfunction. However, IUI is not recommended for women who have a severe disease in their fallopian tubes, moderate to severe endometriosis, or a history of pelvic conditions and infections.


If you are interested in IUI treatment in India, consider finding a reputable gynaecology hospital that specialises in fertility treatments. The success rate is as high as 20 percent per cycle, depending on factors, like age and cause for infertility. So, it is best to seek advice from a specialist to determine if IUI is the right treatment for you.