Difference between UV energy meter and UV intensity meter

1. UV energy meter
UV energy meter is also known as UV Joule meter, ultraviolet energy meter, etc. It is used to measure the UV energy value of different light sources. It is mainly used for the energy of UV drying equipment in low-purification spaces. The application scope is as follows: UV ultraviolet dryer, each A variety of manual exposure machines, semi-automatic exposure machines, fully automatic exposure machines, suitable for PCB, FPC, metal etching, other printed circuit boards, image transfer processes. Especially for printing machines to ensure that the printing and drying process achieves ideal quality control.

For different UV energy meters, the spectral response range is different, and the best induction peak spectral output is 365 nanometers. The peak spectrum of UV energy meters on the market is generally 365nm, that is, it can only be used to detect high-pressure mercury lamps for curing and drying, not LED lamps. A UV energy meter with a spectral response range of 340-420 nanometers can be used to detect LED light sources.

Linshang UV Energy Meter

Like Linshang LS130UV energy meter, it is used in optoelectronic products industry, furniture and wood industry, hardware industry, printing and silk screen industry, etc. The LS131UV energy meter is used in UV exposure, UV curing, UV flatbed printing, optical communications and other industries. In addition, Linshang Technology has four UV energy meters: LS120, LS128, LS130, and LS131 for customers to choose from.

2. UV intensity meter
Ultraviolet irradiance meter is also called ultraviolet intensity meter, UV intensity meter, UV irradiance meter, and its spectral range is 250-410 nanometers. It is suitable for ultraviolet light source, integrated circuit lithography, photochemistry, polymer material aging, coating, Ultraviolet irradiance measurement in precision devices, optical communications and other fields can detect germicidal lamps and UV curing lamps. However, there is a shortcoming that, for example, some closed inspection boxes have limitations in using UV intensity meters.

Linshang Technology has recently upgraded the multi-probe UV intensity meter LS125. For some customers’ workplaces that need to monitor the UV curing lamp and the intensity of the UV germicidal lamp, LS125 can meet a variety of needs. And economical and affordable.