Pakistani Celebrity News - Are They Really Crazy?

Recently I was listening to the radio to get news about Pakistan and I couldn't believe my ears to hear all those latest celebrity news from Pakistan. There were so many news stories that made me laugh and there was just something about their celebrity that made it special. One of them was a talk show host who was saying that the recent terrorist attack in Peshawar which killed 100 civilians was a joke. It seems that some Pakistani showbiz has affected Pakistan and now the world is laughing at their comic effect.

Pakistani Celebrity and Foreign

We have famous actors who are not even Pakistani who have been famous in other countries and were later to return to Pakistan. With the idea of their Pakistani TV shows and films some of them have gone abroad to be known in the market place of their native country. Some of them have married foreign men and are hence living happily with their foreign husbands.

A celebrity news package would have featured the likes of famous actors who are living with foreign men in their home country and what an experience it is living with them. Some of them would have been quoted as saying that life is beautiful with their foreign lovers.

About Hina Saeed

Some of them also went to Germany where they had spies in the agency called "Spy Agencies" from where they were able to gather all the information on the activities of their Pakistani partners. Another famous actor who was involved in this affair was a comedian named Hina Saeed.

According to some reports Hina Saeed had said that her two foreign lovers were in love with her and that she didn't know about their relationship. The couple had bought a house in Europe and they were waiting for her to join them.

They were planning to marry in exotic locations like Italy and Paris and it seems they might even live together. They have recently been discussing that once they leave their homes they will never meet their lovers again.

Hina Saeed was quoted as saying that they did not realize that there would be problems because of the fact that they knew the Western world so well. These agencies that were trying to make money by spying on our celebrities could not have done a worse job.

Her foreign lover had also found out that the agent from the agency had leaked out information on their liaison. Thus she was shocked to know that one of her partners had betrayed her.

She has also mentioned that many foreign men had got addicted to her and now she was willing to take care of their children. The same agency that was trying to make money by spying on our celebrities was reported to have served notice in court for abusing the privacy of their foreign partners.

Once they cross the line and reveal everything then the two foreign men can also come out of their marriages. This is a completely corrupt affair by the agency and people cannot believe that such agents would commit such a betrayal.

Final Words

I am sure our women and girls would also be very confused as to why the agency has betrayed their foreign partners. Why Pakistani showbiz will not want to live in peace with their citizens?

They can start laughing now when they hear some funny stories on television and some news report saying that Pakistani celebrity news are crazy. Pakistani celebrity news is very funny and also heart breaking at the same time.