How to learn german language easily?

Create a small Germany around yourself. Start thinking in German. Accept its mentality.Languages are not something we learn, it is something we live every day.My advice is:Listen and practice. Forget about hours and hours of studying grammar and vocabulary. You will forget that in a matter of days. Listen to videos, podcasts and other material. Listen many times until you start to get to know the language and understand how it works and what it is based on. I suggest you begin with subtitles if possible.

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Read. Slowly, read one paragraph various times. Use an online dictionary to learn while reading. But important - do not google every single word, try to understand the meaning from the context! As the time passes, your use of the dictionary will be down to a minimum.Together with a language teacher that uses the methods above, I have recently posted an article about language learning.

German language training in Pune

 “Only daily contact with the language makes us start think in that language to the point where it becomes a part of our personality. It is no longer a foreign language. It is something ours, because we use it. We make mistakes, surely, but it doesn't matter. Until we are comfortable using the language in every situation, we should not be afraid to make mistakes.”

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