November 27, 2020

Onion Distributors Deal with All Kinds of Onions Suitable for Preparing Curries & Pickles

Onion, also known as common onion or bulb onion, is a kind of vegetable cultivated from 5000 years or more. Primarily grown in the temperate zones, it is grown throughout the world. Based on the variety of onions, the colour, shape, pungency and size of the bulb varies. The popular three varieties of onion commonly found at Onion distributors are yellow onions, red onions and white onions. The different characteristics of these three varieties are:

  • Yellow onions are full-flavoured onions used primarily for cooking purposes. These onions are known as red onions in European countries.
  • The red onions are the perfect choice to use for cooking and grilling. They are even ideal to use in salad as their red color livens up the overall salad look. In European countries, these onions are recognized as purple onions also.
  • White onions popularly used in Mexican cuisines. They have a sweeter taste than other varieties and have golden color also.

As a food item, they are cooked while preparing savoury dishes along with garlic. But many people use onions for making chutneys or prickles. For making pickles, make it a point to purchase organic and fresh onions from onion distributors.

Fast Facts on Onions

  • Onions have been around the world since Bronze Age. The onions harvested first in around 5000 BC.
  • The onions have sulphuric compounds which bring tears in the eyes during chopping.
  • An average sized onion provides 30 calories. They are rich source of complex sugars and a rich source of dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, folate and beta carotene.
  • It is one of the oldest vegetables used by the modern civilizations.
  • If production needs to consider, onions are the sixth most popular crop in the world.
  • Amongst all onion varieties, yellow onions by far the most popular ones.

You have multiple choices to use onions as per your tastes. You can use red onions for preparing burgers whereas white onions are ideal for making vegetables. You can buy them online by choosing a reputed onion distributors and placing order in bulk for getting good discount.

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