September 14, 2019

1-888-652-8714 How to Merge Google Contacts to iphone.

Google is a popular name offering so many online services such as Google search engine, chrome browser, Gmail email service, YouTube, Google Map, Google duo chatting app and so on. Google can be used on any device such as desktop, mobile, and tablet. It can be used on any operating system based device also. So, one can use Google on the iPhone also. iPhone is one of the best or simply the best smartphones in the world. People love to buy and carry iPhone and they wait for the latest iPhone in the series to be introduced in the market and as soon as the latest one is launched and made available in stores, people rush to buy it. So, people love and use both Google and iPhone. Now those who are using Google in their iPhone may require Google support for which they can contact Google help. If one wants to merge Google contacts to iPhone then he/she can follow the below steps:

1. On your, iPhone tap the “Settings” application.

2. Now select “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars”.

3. After that select “Add account”.

4. Then select “other”.

5. Select “Add CardDAV Account”.

6. Now you are required to fill out the account information in the given fields on your screen as Server, Username, password, description.

7. Now, select “Next” which you can see at the top of your screen.

8. After that make sure that the “Contacts” option is turned on.

Once you finish the setup, Google contacts will be synced automatically to your iPhone.

Contact Google Help

If you cannot merge your Google contacts to your iPhone and you need help for it you can contact Google help and get the required help in quick time.

Google Support

Google is known to offer the best products and service to its customers all over the world. So, if you are facing any problem with Google’s product or service you can immediately look to get Google support and you will easily get it from Google.